Sure, April showers bring May flowers but it doesn’t mean April showers should bring out boring wellies. Here’s an easy DIY on how to re-vamp those old rain boots before the rainy season! (Bonus: If you’re heading to a rainy SXSW, use a cut up bandana to give your boots a little Western flair.)


– 1 1/2 – 2 yards of ribbon (we recommend plaid or a polka dot design for extra cuteness)

– scissors

– hammer

– screw driver (or a sharp hand pick tool)

– Sharpie marker

– grommet set

Gather up your materials, throw on The Weather Girls (It’s Raining Men, of course) and get ready to prettify those boots.

The first thing you will need to do is mark your boots evenly on each side with your Sharpie. It’s fine to eyeball this part but if you don’t feel comfortable doing this you can use a tape measure to ensure accuracy. Now that you’ve marked your target, go ahead and use your screw driver and poke through each of your marks.

Now that you have your holes, go ahead and grab your grommet set and follow the instructions on the back of the package. This is where your hammer will come into play. Note: this part does require a little bit of muscles, so ladies, roll up those sleeves Rosie the Riveter style and show those grommets what you’re made of. Worst case scenario, have that cute boy next door you’ve been meaning to talk to help you for this part. Hammer those suckers into place and your finished product should look like the photo above.

Almost done! Lace your ribbon through the grommet holes and voila, you now have fancy new boots. Now if only that weatherman would call for rain so you can take these pups out to play!

If you’re looking for a little tricked out extra credit or are just antsy waiting for April showers, take a little paint (make sure it can be used on synthetic material and is water-resistant) and paint the bottom rim of each boot for an extra special touch.

We’d love to see photos of your updated rain boots. Send pics over to or say hi on Twitter.

Chelsa Skees, currently working as a freelance fashion stylist, has an ever-changing sense of fashion deriving from her decade long experience in the fashion and beauty industry. She lives in the East Village of New York City and is constantly reinventing her style based on her love of fashion, beauty, travel and all things digital. Her favorite color is grey and she can beat just about anyone in a bubble blowing contest. You can find her on Twitter or her website.