What can we say, we L.O.V.E. wall art. Who doesn’t? And if it’s of the DIY nature, well, now you have our undivided attention. There’s nothing better than taking that blank canvas and creating something that makes home feel more like home. Ya know? But what if you had the option to turn your walls into your own work of (buildable and changeable) art? Well say hello to Wallz. Created by Copenhagen-based entrepreneur Troels Fonsboell, this puzzled approach to wall art is all about creation, creation, creation. Which are three things we’re all about.

These individual adhesive foam cubes will stick to almost any surface and allow you to make one-of-a-kind masterpieces to fit your mood. They can even be re-used up to 10 times. Simply pick the color you want (there are 16 to choose from), remove the paper backing and go from there.

Wallz is even looking to have an online design catalog filled with templates you can download for easy artistic expression. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your friends you had some help. If you’re a renter, using these stylish squares is a no-brainer for awesome art that you, your landlord and your rental deposit will love. Win-win.

Wallz is also kid-friendly. (Parents rejoice!) Wallz Combi Boxes feature premixed colors for children ages 4 to 13. Your kid will love creating art from the book of fun patterns and being allowed to essentially “stick stuff to their wall” with your permission. Best. Parent. Ever.

Whether you’re a parent, student, renter, artist or none of the above, these adhesive little squares will fit your personality types. After all, it’s hip to be square…

Want in? Wallz reached their initial funding goal on Kickstarter after only five days! But you can still fund the product for around $22, which will get you a sweet set of squares for yourself.

If your walls could talk, would they want to rock this type of wall art? Tell us in the comments below.