Next to a cup of hot cocoa and the thickest wool socks you can find, there are few things we want more than a warm pair of jammies. Whether you’re playing hooky for the day or are in full #sundayfunday relaxation mode, the perfect pair of pajamas are all you need for a lazy day in. We’ve got 13 cozy sets that will make you forget all about the chilly winter temps.

1. Fox Print Ski Bunny Pajama Set ($132): Can you say ski bunny 4lyfe? After hitting the slopes, don’t hesitate to slip into this adorable PJ set.

2. Minkpink “Sweet Dreams” Track Pants ($57): Just like kids going down the candy aisle, we WANT these ribbon candy-printed PJs. Sweet dreams, indeed!

3. Sweetest Dreams Sleep Shirt ($68): So. Fancy. Wear this pair for your next girls’ night in. They’ll complement your fresh mani/pedi just perfectly.

4. Cotton Mayfair Pajama ($52): Why opt for boring, solid-colored pajamas when you can invest in a set that is as colorful as it is comfortable?

5. Fall into Flannel Pajamas ($58): Run, run as fast as you can, because these gingerbread man PJs won’t be in stock for long.

6. Mint and Gray Slogan Pajamas ($25): We couldn’t have said it better. The second the snow hits the ground, we’re ready to duck back under the covers.

7. Esprit Teddy Lounge Pants with Star ($38): Because lounging is our middle name, these navy star pants are totes necessary.

8. I Woke Up Like This Lounge Top and Joggers ($86): It’s true, we really did wake up like this. Remind everyone just how flawless you are with this Beyoncé-inspired PJ set.

9. Cozy Appliqué Thermal Pajamas ($58): Call up the girls, a pajama party is in the works. We don’t know about you, but we’re calling dibs on the thermal jammies emblazoned with our dear pal, Mr. Penguin.

10. BFF PJ Set ($20): There’s no better way to show your unwavering love for milk and cookies than declaring your relationship status front and center.

11. Elwin Hoodie ($70): We’re not sure what we like more: the kangaroo pouch pocket or the ultra c-o-z-y hoodie? Heck, the pretty paisley print doesn’t hurt either.

12. Dreamy Cotton Pajama Set in Stripe ($98): Obligatory PJs for the annual — if not slightly cheesy — Christmas morning photo with the siblings. You might as well be cozy while you’re smiling for the cam.

13. Jersey Pajamas ($25): Here’s proof that lounging around the house, all the while binge watching your fave TV shows on Netflix, is not only chic, but also completely acceptable. #noshame

Which pajama sets will you be reaching for when Old Man Winter comes knocking on your front door? Tell us in the comments below!