Every day, for the past two years, I have walked by the massive Victoria’s Secret on Powell street. The color-coordinated displays never fail to catch my eye, and I immediately think, “OMG I need that lace bodysuit RN!” Luckily, I don’t have anyone to wear the lace bodysuit for, so by the time I get to the end of the block I realize that I don’t actually need it. (The only true reason I would need it is when I dress up like Beyoncé.) To me, these lace lingerie pieces are super sexy, but not that practical — they’re “once in a blue moon” items that are most likely a hefty investment. So this year, I decided to take away my internal lacy bodysuit struggle and create a sultry satin PJ set that is wearable, sexy and enjoyable for you and your partner.


Materials and Tools:


Pajama Shorts


  1. Fold your fabric in half, place edge of shorts on the fold side of the fabric and then trace around the shorts. Trace the front and backside of the shorts and then cut out.
  2. Pin the curves of opposite cutouts together — then sew.
  3. Pin the perpendicular area to the curve together and then sew.
  4. Hem the bottom edges of the shorts.
  5. Cut out small squares about three inches down from the top of the shorts and then sew a small square around the hole.
  6. Fold the first 1.5 inches of the shorts over, pin in place and then sew to create the waistband.
  7. Feed ribbon through the waistband.

My favorite way to make new clothing is to use old favorites as patterns for new pieces. Fold one short leg inside the other to create a tracing pattern. Fold your fabric in half, place the straight edge of the shorts along the fold of the fabric and then trace with a half-inch buffer. Trace and cut out two pieces to create your shorts.


Pin the curve of one cutout to the curve of the other cutout — then sew.


Match up the curves of the shorts and then pin and sew together the bottom edge.


Hem the bottom edge of the leg holes to give your shorts a polished and professional look.


Create two small holes in the front of the shorts, about three inches from the top edge. Sew around the holes and then fold the waistband down. Pin in place and then sew.


Use a safety pin to snake ribbon through the waistband.

Pajama Top


  1. Trace the front of your favorite tank onto your fabric with an extra half-inch buffer — then cut out.
  2. Draw in pleats on the edge of your tank. The pleat should be about one inch from the underarm and about three inches in length.
  3. Pin the pleat together and then sew.
  4. Hem the vertical edges of the tank.
  5. Trace the back of the tank top onto your lace fabric.
  6. Pin and sew the lace fabric to the satin fabric.
  7. Hem all edges of the tank top.

Lay your favorite tank on the backside of your fabric and trace with a half-inch buffer.


Ladies, we’ve got to add some pleats into this top to help fit our boobies. Follow these instructions for a size small — for a medium, multiply x2 and a large x4. Start your triangle about one inch from the armpit curve. The triangle should be about three inches in height. Draw an imaginary line from right before the armpit cut starts to curve — the point of the triangle should hit this line.


Cut out the front of your shirt, fold in half and make sure all curves and pleats match up.


Pin the pleat together and then sew.


Fold and hem the long edges of the tank top.


Trace the back of your tank top onto the lace fabric. Remember to add a half-inch buffer — then cut out.


Pin the front of the shirt to the lace and then sew.


Match up the straps of the shirt and then sew.


Hem all edges of the tank top.


Pretty in power pink.


Dress up in these silky PJs this Valentine’s Day, and then feed your face with conversation hearts :)

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Modeling: Paige Weber
Photography: Brittany Griffin

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