Another day, another gift from This Is Us! Although the season 3 premiere is still a few weeks away, the tear-jerking NBC drama treated fans to an early sneak peek of what’s to come in a first look posted to YouTube on Friday, September 7.

The three-and-a-half-minute teaser features behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast, as well as a few brief clips from the new season. “We had a few pretty big reveals [at the end of season 2] to sort of lead into where we’re going with season 3 and the future of the show,” Justin Hartley (Kevin) says by way of introduction.

Indeed, the final moments of season 2 featured several flash-forwards showing us where some of the characters end up down the line. We saw Toby in the throes of depression, unable to get out of bed; Kevin on a flight to Vietnam with Beth’s cousin, Zoe; and Randall talking with a grown-up Tess about going to see an unnamed “her.” All of that — including Beth’s unhappy reaction to the Kevin-Zoe news — will factor into the coming episodes.

This Is Us season 3 key art by Annie Leibovitz

“At some point in time in the season, I can tell you that the ‘her’ that is addressed in the future will be illuminated,” Sterling K. Brown (Randall) explains. “And now we’re also dealing with where myself and Beth are with Deja — will she become a part of our family, will she not be a part of our family?”

We’ll also see the early days of Jack and Rebecca’s romance. “I met the girl,” Jack tells Miguel in a clip. Note: Not a girl — the girl.

“[We’re] sort of at the very beginning of their courtship, picking up from the night where they first met and how they spent the rest of that evening,” Mandy Moore (Rebecca) explains, as the teaser cuts to footage of Jack and Rebecca at a carnival and, later, kissing in Jack’s car.

There’s a lot of love off-screen, too. “There is nothing like coming back home,” Moore says of returning to set. “It’s like, ‘Oh, this is where I belong.'”

Season 3 of This Is Us premieres September 25 at 9pm ET on NBC.

(photo via NBCUniversal)