Every year kids head out trick-or-treating in their adorable costumes, then gleefully return home to enjoy the spoils of their hard work. While they get maybe one or two treats right away, the little ones must wait for the next day to get another Halloween candy. And that’s where the cruelest/funniest annual prank (and resulting kiddo-sized spastic reactions) come into play. While adults got pretty darn mad about the apparent fave candy in their particular state, it can’t compare to the rage that was unleashed during Jimmy Kimmel’s 2016 edition of “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy.” Prepare for some serious FLIPPING OUT!

Jimmy Kimmel

The initial excitement followed by immediate betrayal must be a roller coaster for these children, which is why their reactions are truly over-the-top. From tears to yelling and punching to every other sudden impulsive expression of anger (including an F-bomb!), this is a lesson that Hell hath no fury like a kid who’s had their Halloween candy stolen.

Granted, there are a few kids who are totally chill and even forgiving (so sweet!) and one couldn’t be fooled at all, saying, “It’s Jimmy Kimmel. You’re hiding my candy. I’ve seen this before. I watched YouTube.” Bahaha!

However, when Jimmy pulls the prank on his own (adorable) two-year-old daughter, Jane, she really DGAF. lol!

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(h/t E!; photos via Kevin Winter/Getty)