We thought we had a pretty good handle on watercolor painting after our Brush Calligraphy and Watercolor Painting online classes, but then we met Meera Lee Patel. Meera is a self-taught watercolor artist whose technique combines some of the foundations of painting with a whole lot of imagination, personality and freestyle.

You may recognize Meera’s artwork from the B+C Shop, and if you dig her style as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know that she’s teaching an Illustration With Watercolor online class with us. You can pre-register for her class starting today!

This definitely isn’t like any art class you took in school. Beginners and experienced painters alike have something to learn from Meera. Her teaching will start with the foundations of color mixing, brush techniques, blending and shading, then branch out to more non-traditional techniques. Her emphasis on meditation and balance lets you to relax while finding inspiration in nature.

When you’re done, you’ll know how to paint gorgeous foliage, floral frames and animal portraits, and you’ll have an original woodland creature painting to show for it!

Sound like something you could get into? Sign up for Illustration With Watercolor today and enjoy 15 percent off when the class goes live. We’ll send you an email with a code when the class becomes available in our Brit + Co Shop.

Pre-registration for this class closed on 12/24 at 4pm PST.

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