Your friends and coworkers have seen A LOT of your hair looks. They’ve seen you start the week off with shiny, properly brushed hair. They’ve seen your #Iwokeuplikethis hair thrown up in a ponytail. They may have even seen you with hangover hair. This holiday season, step your hair game up at your office holiday party and beyond. We chatted with three expert stylists at Rachel Zoe’s Dream Dry salon and they’re sharing the best party-ready looks to rock this season.


The Veronica

For an easy, no-fuss holiday hair style, Assistant Salon Manager Candy Diaz recommends The Veronica. Hello, old Hollywood glamour!

1. After hair has been washed and rinsed, pat dry and brush with a detangler. Follow by blow drying.

2. Once hair is dry, create a deep side part by using the peak of your eyebrow as a guide and then divide your hair into three sections. The first section should be to the left of your part, the second section should be to the right of your part and then the third section should be everything from the ears to the back of the head.

3. For the top two sections, curl hair with a one-inch curling iron in one-inch vertical sections towards the face. Pin each curl and set to cool.

4. Moving to the back section, split the section evenly into two smaller sections. When curling these sections, make sure the right side of the hair is being curled toward the face. Do the same with the left side. Again, pin each curl and set to cool.

5. Once each section has been curled, pinned and cooled, remove pins from each curl and brush through lightly with a wide tooth comb or soft bristle brush. Follow with hairspray to keep curls intact.

FISHTAIL messy (with volume)

The Fishtail

Salon Manager Stephany Preda shares her secret to one of this year’s most on-trend looks: the fishtail braid. Get your braiding fingers ready to wow your coworkers with this stylishly messy hair.

1. After hair has been washed and rinsed, pat dry and brush with a detangler. Follow by blow drying.

2. Once hair is dry, start by finger combing your hair from the hairline to the back of your head. Lightly spray with hairspray to keep the hair out of your face. She recommends Oribe Superfine Hairspray ($22).

3. Gather all your hair over one shoulder and divide it in half to make right and left sections.

4. Begin the fishtail braid by taking a small section from under the left section. Cross it to the right, overlapping as if you were making a standard braid. Repeat on the right side and continue overlapping pieces from both sides all the way down until you’re about an inch from the ends. Secure with an elastic band.

5. Finish your fishtail braid by gently tugging on your braid with your fingers to loosen it for an effortless (but glamorous) look.


The Bianca

If you’d rather rock an updo, stylist Bricel Cury suggests a Dutch Braid, also known as an inside out French braid that forms a halo around the head.

1. Start by tilting your head forward to evenly distribute all of the hair around the head.

2. Beginning behind either ear, separate a small section. Split that section into three strands and begin a horizontal braid, incorporating new hair neatly and evenly into the new stitch as you go around the head. Cury likes to use Oribe Smooth Style Serum ($49) on her fingertips for a better grip, hold and shine while she braids.

3. Continue to add hair to your three sections as you travel all the way around your head. Once the braid has wrapped completely around your head, create a three-strand braid with the length of the hair and braid all the way to the end of your hair, securing the ends with a small elastic band.

4. To finish off your look, pin the tail of your braid seamlessly to the top of the braid you formed. Using hair spray, tuck away any flyaways and you’re ready to go.

What hair style are you rocking on your holiday party circuit? Tell us in the comments below!