13 Creative Ways to Collect Cards at Your Wedding
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13 Creative Ways to Collect Cards at Your Wedding

Once you’ve got your non-traditional guest book and escort cards ready to go, a creative card box is next up on your list of wedding-reception musts. More than just a simple spot to gather guests’ well-wishes, a card box is a lovely decor piece and one of the first things friends will see when they arrive. If you like to think outside the box (and we know you do), these 13 ideas are sure to kickstart your imagination and help you collect all of those special cards in style.

1. Old Suitcase: An old-school suitcase makes the perfect card box for world-traveling couples with a sense of adventure and a love for all things vintage. (via Katelyn James Photography)

2. Gold-Trimmed Glass Box: Couples going for a modern, more minimalist look are sure to adore a gold-trimmed glass box and petite pennant flag banner. (via Katie Kett Photography)

3. British Letter Box: Even a full four years later, memories of Will and Kate’s epic royal wedding can still make us swoon. Channel a regal vibe yourself by displaying a miniature British letter box on top of the gift table. (via Liam Smith Photography)

4. Guitar Case: Are you a music-making couple? Set the perfect tone by using an open guitar case to collect loved ones’ “notes.” (via Our Labor of Love)

5. Playful Piñata: Munch, munch. This pint-sized piñata will keep all of your cards tucked safely away inside his belly until it’s time to cough them back up at the end of the night. (via Lauren Fair Photography)

6. Rustic Crate: Super simple and shabby chic, this banner-adorned crate is just right for a rustic wedding. (via Alucinarte Films)

7. Mossy Log: Moss-covered and surrounded by tiny blooms and greenery, this log looks like something straight out of an enchanted forest. (via Hot Metal Studio)

8. Wooden Drawers: Card box and guest book in one, this set of old wooden drawers is eye-catching and original, especially with a colorful banner and glued-on Scrabble tiles. (via Asya Photography)

9. Vintage Birdcage: An old-fashioned birdcage looks truly elegant when dressed up with beads, flowers and twigs. (via Maile Lani)

10. Tree Stump: What outdoorsy duo could possibly resist this creatively carved tree stump? (via Bead + Cord)

11. Lobster Trap: A lobster trap adds subtle nautical flair and makes it a cinch to “catch” all of your friends’ kind, congratulatory words. We just love the way this one was given a pretty pastel upgrade. (via Alex Michele Photography)

12. Wood-Trimmed Glass Case: Post-wedding, a wood-trimmed glass box is easily transformed into a terrific terrarium, mail holder or knick-knack display case. (via Charity Maurer Photography)

13. Gold Mailbox: An old mailbox becomes a wedding-worthy work of art with the addition of glam gold spray paint. Doesn’t this one look simply divine alongside mason jar vases and a lace-trimmed tablecloth? (via Mark Williams Studio)

What are your favorite creative card box ideas? Start sharing below.