Planning a wedding is no small feat — especially when you have so many Pinterest-worthy, DIYable ideas, like these adorable party favors. There are so many moving parts to take into consideration, like DJ, band or playlist and how big and pricey you should go with the dress (have you seen Net-a-Porter’s new bridal collection, btw?) And of course, there’s the big question of where and when you should have your ceremony. Venue shopping can be highly competitive — all the best ones are often booked up a year in advance — not to mention expensive. Luckily, there’s a site out there that can help. Meet Wedding Spot.


Not only will the site put you directly in touch with your fave venues to check on availability, but it’ll also allow you to compare the costs of all the different options in your wedding location. Once you select a venue, you can specify wedding size, whether you prefer peak or off-peak dates, the cost of food, what type of drinks you plan on serving at a bar — or if there will be a bar at all! Wedding Spot will then help you calculate approximately how much the wedding of your dreams will cost at your chosen location. Pretty darn cool, right?

And just imagine, you can do all this without ever leaving your house. This means fewer trips to disappointing venues, so you can streamline your wedding planning process. Weddings are stressful enough already. Thank goodness technology is here to make your life easier.

This also gives you time to focus on more important matters… like CAKE.

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