Usually,\ when we head to high fashion website Net-A-Porter, we鈥檙e either ready to drop some serious cash on a wedding dress from fashion week or we just want to drool over that $2,000 piece we鈥檒l buy once we get famous. But folks, grab your wallets, because we have some great news for the both of you. Net-A-Porter has just released its first ever bridal collaboration, and it鈥檚 shockingly affordable.


Net-A-Porter has teamed up with British label Needle & Thread on a line of 12 pieces that has us opening up our wedding pinboard ASAP. With elegant details and simple silhouettes, the line seems to hit the 鈥渇ormal but not too formal鈥 sweet spot. You鈥檒l find an array of hand-beaded elements, tulle skirts and bridal separates. Most of these pieces could work equally as well for a backyard ceremony or courthouse nuptials 鈥 OR at a totally unrelated formal event after the wedding, which is kind of the point.


Needle & Thread鈥檚 founder Hannah Coffin told StyleCaster everything in the collection was designed to be wearable after the wedding. 鈥淲omen today are creative, practical and are breaking the often-outdated rules of fashion,鈥 Coffin says. 鈥淪he鈥檚 looking to invest in something that feels and looks like it鈥檚 one of a kind 鈥 and yet is able to be styled down so she can wear it again. Why shouldn鈥檛 she be able to?鈥

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(Photos via Net-A-Porter)