Wedding vendors can be the best part of wedding planning. These are the folks who comprise your all-star team and have a wealth of experience from which to answer all your questions before you can even know you have them. Right? Well, sometimes. The fact is there are a ton of things you may not even realize are worth asking (unless you’re a wedding planner, and in that case, teach us your ways!). But seriously, wedding planning is full of surprises, and it’s best to stay ahead of the game. How, you ask? Avoid wedding day mishaps and save wedding money by asking the right questions *before* you sign the contract. Scroll down for some must-asks that will help you live a life of wedding planning bliss.

Questions for Your Florist


A great floral designer will be able to look at your overflowing Pinterest board and nail down the themes that keep appearing and the hues you adore. Going a step further, your florist might be able to assist with additional decor, provide rentals and should be knowledgeable about the flowers that will work with your budget and wedding season. Ask these key questions to get the most out of your florist.

1. What non-floral items do you provide? Do you supply bouquet ribbons, centerpiece vessels, signage or lanterns? Is there an additional cost for these rentals or is it built into the flower price?

2. Do you pick up rentals the night of the wedding or the next day?

3. What flowers are less likely to wilt for an outdoor event?

4. Can you tell me about alternative flowers you will use if the flowers we’ve discussed using aren’t available?

5. Do you feel comfortable creating the style of flowers I’m looking for?

Questions for Your Venue

This is by far the most important part of wedding planning (besides, you know, choosing a spouse). But seriously, your venue will make or break your event for the simple reason that it’s where everything’s going down. Venues can come with a lot of hidden costs or up-charges, and there may be aspects of the venue that you don’t love, so see if changes can be made. You’ll never know until you ask!

1. What furniture and other rentals do you provide?

2. Do we have to clean the space that night or do we have until the next day?

3. What alternative setups have you seen couples do with the space?

4. Do you host more than one event at the same time?

5. Are you planning to renovate or make any significant changes between now and our wedding?

Questions for Your Hair and Makeup Artists

Make-up artist applying false lashes to make dramatic look

Just like any salon, wedding hair and makeup artists have their own policies, so being knowledgeable will save you potential wedding day strife. Remember that time management is key, so you’ll want to know how they handle it. That way you’ll avoid a Hannah and Marnie makeup timing moment a la Girls. Be sure to look at pictures of past ‘dos and makeup they have crafted to ensure you love their look — and ask *all* of these questions before scheduling your hair and makeup trial.

1. Do you stay to touch up hair and makeup before the ceremony?

2. Will you provide a lipstick for me to carry or should I bring my own for touch ups?

3. Will you create a schedule or am I responsible for deciding who goes when?

4. What’s your availability for trials?

5. What’s your policy for changes to services the day of the wedding?

Questions for Your Photographer

Besides making sure you and your photographer are a good personality fit (after all, you will be spending your entire wedding day together), it’s important to be clear on how they handle certain logistical considerations, as well as your privacy. Just to be safe, ask these questions for the full rundown.

1. Will you post my photos on social media? Can I opt not to in the contract?

2. How do you handle indoor shooting for ceremonies where flash photography is not permitted?

3. Do I get to choose my second shooter?

4. Will you visit my venue before the wedding or arrive early to scope out locations?

5. Will you provide a timeline for the day-of or work with me (or my wedding coordinator) to make sure we are all on the same page for timing?

Questions for Your Baker


Cake tasting is one of the more romantic (and delicious!) parts of wedding planning. Before you get swept up in a sugary love coma, write down your must-know questions. Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways you can save on that dessert spread. Besides the obvious questions about flavors and design, keep these in your back pocket before signing the dotted line.

1. What cakes hold up best in warm weather?

2. Do you deliver? Is the truck you use to transport the cake refrigerated?

3. Do you do sheet cakes to help reduce costs?

4. Do you provide cake toppers?

5. What other non-cake dessert options do you provide?

Questions for Your Wedding Planner

The most important aspect of working with a wedding planner is to DTR (define the relationship) upfront! Making sure your expectations align will help keep you both on the same page and happy throughout the wedding planning process. Start with the questions below and go from there.

1. How often should I expect to communicate with you?

2. Will you create a mood board incorporating the design elements for the wedding?

3. What are some of your favorite concepts that you’ve brought to life in past weddings?

4. Will we meet with vendors together?

5. If I want to plan certain aspects on my own, how can we work together to make sure the vision stays cohesive?

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