Brunch weddings are now a thing, and why not? Who doesn’t love a garden setting, Champagne cocktails and waffle cakes? That’s right, waffle cakes! They’re hot on the heels of the naked wedding cake trend, and it just might be the most outrageous alternative wedding cake trend yet. Like other naked cakes, waffle cakes forego frosting, but there’s still enough sweet stuff between layers that they do NOT disappoint. If you’re that couple who can eat waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a waffle cake will make your cutting ceremony utterly unique and memory-making. Scroll on for 17 of the most outrageous waffle cakes out there.


1. Tropical Flair: Here’s proof that waffles can be light and sweet. This tower of waffles is exploding with fruit and flowers, some of them made of sweet meringue. (via Toque Catering Co. / Wedding Chicks)


2. The Classic: Waffle wedding cakes call for a new kind of ceremony — *the pour.* It’s like a foodie take on the Champagne tower. (via Michelle Kim Photography / Minted and Vintage)


3. Waffle Pyramid: This lush, gorgeous cake will dominate any wedding dessert table. It’s so beautiful, it doubles as wedding decor. (via Twitter @WaffleLuv)


4. Sugary Sweet: Sometimes simplicity makes the most powerful statement. A cake stand and a single, beautiful flower are all the decoration this sweet wedding cake needs. (via 100 Layer Cake)


5. Towering Perfection: This one’s for the frosting lovers — and you know who you are. The way this icing is drizzled on lends an elegant touch to the multiple waffle layers. (via Project Wedding)


6. Strawberries & Cream: This naked cake is bursting with fresh berries and whipped cream. It’s like a giant strawberry shortcake — yum! (via Raindrop Desserts / Offbeat Bride)


7. Decadence on a Plate: This cake is just dripping with vanilla cream. Go ahead and lick the screen — you know you want to. (via Zac Wolf Photography)


8. Mixed Berries: What if we told you these waffle layers have ice cream whipped into the batter, making them extra fluffy? One bite and you’ll be in waffle nirvana. (via Lisbeth’s Cupcakes & Cookies)


9. Naked Waffle Cake: Picture the waterfall of syrup that will be pouring over these stacks of crisp waffle layers, cream filling, fruit and flour. Not only is this cake trend budget friendly, but it’s perfect for a rustic or outdoor wedding. (via The Frosted Petticoat)


10. Funfetti Free-for-All: Remember everyone’s fave throwback snack Funfetti? Eating this cake is like taking a ride in the taste-treat time machine. (via With Love from Kat)


11. Cherries & Meringue: Maple meringue buttercream makes this cake something extra special. It’s like biting into the softest, sweetest maple marshmallows. (via Local Milk)


12. Chocolate Lover’s Choice: Every layer of this waffle cake is taking it to the next level. Yes, that’s mascarpone filling oozing between those layers of crisp chocolate waffle. This cake is doubly perfect if your wedding color theme is brown and pink. (via Foolproof Living)


13. Tall Stack: True waffle aficionados will serve ’em up straight — with just a pat of butter and a pour of maple syrup. This cake is *perf* for a rustic or barn wedding. (via Sprinkle Bakes)


14. Strawberries & Chocolate: This is definitely the naked cake for frosting lovers. Thick layers of chocolate ganache will send your taste buds soaring. (via The Stay at Home Chef)


15. Salt & Sweet: Oh, em, gee — these maple-sweetened layers are filled with bourbon-spiked whipped cream and topped with candied bacon praline crumble. Embrace the craziness! (via The F&B Department)


16. Confetti Waffle Cake: If you’re looking for a cake for that person who doesn’t really like cake, look no further. A pretty stack of waffles can bring just as much Funfetti happiness. (via Sprinkles for Breakfast)


17. Birthday Waffle Cake: Waffle cakes aren’t just for weddings. They’re great for kid birthdays too. But don’t go for perfection — the messier the layers, the more crazy-festive it looks. (via Eazy Peazy Mealz)

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