The chore list is long — laundry, bed-making, dishwashing, and more. (How often do we REALLY need to change our sheets, amirite?!) These to-do’s are no joke… especially when there are children running around! Because we all could use a little extra help getting through the week, we’ve partnered with The Home Depot to work smarter, not harder. With an easy, breezy chore chart and the smart technology of the Samsung Family Hub™, those to-do’s are much more do-able!

Sunday: Weekday food prep + kitchen cleaning

Starting your week right begins in the kitchen. Use this time to prep some easy meals for the week, scrub down the counters, and clean out the fridge. The best part is, it’s still the weekend, so you can definitely treat it that way. Groove to your favorite tunes and get to work with a chilled glass of rosé while you cook, clean, and get yourself in the right headspace to start your week.The Family Hub™ helps you take this effort to the next level. You can create shopping lists that instantly gets sent to your smartphone or even order groceries and have them sent to your door. With the touchscreen, you can manage your family calendars, plan meals, or set expiration dates on your food to make sure nothing spoils — making Sunday night prep a total breeze and the rest of the week easier.

Monday: Bathroom Scrub Down

Giving your bathroom a quick clean in the morning is easier than you think. Wipe down your sink and toilet before hopping in the shower. Keep some cleaning supplies in the shower and you can give it a good scrub down while you’re taking your a.m. rinse. Get the whole fam or roommates on board, and your bathroom will thank you for it!

Tuesday: Load Up the Laundry

Getting the laundry out of the way earlier in the week will leave you with more options to wear for the weekend. The Family Hub™ also includes a timer mode to help you keep track of when your food, homework, or even laundry is done. And helps take a tip from Adulting 101, and put your laundry away as soon as it’s done.

Wednesday: Clean Off Your Surfaces + Organize

Time to clean up that clutter on the hump day. Go through your important mail that builds up, pay your bills, and dedicate a little time to sorting through those clutter piles that mysteriously start to appear throughout the week. It’s the perfect mid-week task.

Thursday: Pick Up Your Duster and Vacuum

Good thing you used Wednesday to clear off surfaces and tidy up the clutter, because it will make your Thursday chores THAT much easier. It’s time to keep the dust and dander at bay with a quick once over. Have kids around? Enlist them to lead the dusting effort, while you follow up with a vacuum in hand.

Friday: Save It for Special Projects

For most of you, taking care of chores is the last thing you want to do on a Friday, BUT don’t knock it until you try it. Tackling a special project, like a deep cleaning or a bedroom makeover on a Friday, leaves you plenty of time to finish up during the weekend, if needed. OR better yet, you can always partner up with a friend and do it together — just as long as you switch off households now and then to double your effort. And, don’t forget the wine! After all, it IS the start of your weekend.

Saturday: Take a Day Off to Play

Keeping a diligent cleaning schedule really pays off on the weekends. Doing a little bit throughout the week means you get a full day to do whatever you want, guilt free! So soak up the sunshine, get some reading in, or spend some quality time with loved ones, and know that you’ll have a fresh, clean home when you return from your adventures.

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Photography: Kurt Andre