You may remember that we’ve written about Belkin’s WeMo products before. Their home-automation products are right up our alley. Now Belkin is branching out into an arena that’s sure to make new parents happy: baby monitors that are connected to your smartphone. It’s like a nanny in your pocket!

While I’m not a mom yet, I know many women that are; and these women would all agree that for years, baby monitors have basically been glorified walkie-talkies. With significant static and an unsophisticated interface, they’re not exactly designed for the upcoming generation of tech-savvy parents. Belkin’s Wemo Baby, a smartphone-based monitor system, is a definite upgrade.

It works with your home’s existing WiFi system to connect with your smartphone or other internet-enabled device. The free app allows you to listen for noises like a regular baby monitor, but with much better sound quality and from whatever device you choose. If you upgrade to the Evoz system, you can get “cry alerts” via a phone call or text message as well as detailed information on your child’s sleeping patterns. My first thought: would this work for dogs, too!? I’d love to watch Pixel this closely while I’m at work.

The one drawback of this device is that it only captures audio, not video. I know many moms and dads that like to keep both an eye AND an ear on their offspring. For those parents, we suggest the Dropcam. It’s also internet-enabled and lets you watch live video from your phone or computer, wherever in the world you may be.

Would you use a digital baby monitor like this? What other products would you recommend for tech-savvy parents? Let us know in the comments below.