There is something about wearing a bold lip that makes us feel just a little prettier, a little sexier, a little more confident. Turns out that extra boost of confidence you get when you wear your favorite lipstick isn’t just a style thing. A recent study by Harvard University and CoverGirl showed that lipstick-wearing gals who gloss up more than four days per week not only feel better about themselves, but are also more likely to get job promotions and go on more dates than ladies who keep their lips au natural. Researchers also looked at each shade and came to some interesting findings on how each shade affects how people see you. So, red, purple, pink or nude: which shade are you?

Rockin’ Red


Women who wear red are the go-getters. They love a good party and are most likely to exercise at least five times a week. (You go, girls.) People may see women in a bold red lip as being more creative and driven and daring. The study also found that they post the most selfies per week and own the most heels.


Since red lipstick is often associated with confidence, if you’ve got a big work presentation, pull out that classic red, and show them you’re someone who is okay with taking risks. Whatever your skin tone, red lipstick works for everyone. If you haven’t worn red lipstick in the past, it may be worth trying it for the first time.

Pretty in Pink


Ladies who rock the pink lip are often perceived as more sociable and fun loving. But it’s not all fun and flirty; pink is also the color of power. The study showed that senior executives were more likely to own a shade of pink, whereas junior ladies wear plums or nudes. Who knew your makeup could influence your next promotion?


If you’ve got a meetup coming up, avoid the racy red and opt for a feminine pink lipstick. Since a pink lip is associated with being fun and friendly, it’s the perfect choice for meeting new people in a casual setting.

Deep Berry


Since it’s the least common lipstick choice, if you’re a lover of plum colors, you might be seen as more independent and self-sufficient. The study showed that women who wear berry shades scored on the more mellow side of all survey questions were more likely to stay home on the weekends and rarely posted selfies.


So when should you bring out Little Miss Independent? Plum shades are great for job interviews since you want to look strong and confident without seeming cocky. Darker colors come across as professional and ambitious, but still relatable. Purples are also great for a date night when you want to be seen as reliable and attractive.

 Simply Nude


When you want to come across as warm and caring, reach for your favorite nude lipstick. Women who sport nude lips come across as caring and open, making it the perfect shade for a night out or a night in with your besties.


Natural-colored lipsticks are always flattering for day-to-night wear. Ladies who sport a natural lip are more likely to be deemed as warm, caring, sweet, dependable and pretty. Whether you’re brainstorming on a group project or going on a first date, you really can’t go wrong with natural shades.

Do you agree that people view you differently when you wear different shades of lipstick? What colors are you loving right now? Talk to us in the comments below!

(h/t Marie Claire)