February can be tough. The December festivities are now decidedly over, winter weather is testing our patience (not to mention our new coats) and Valentine鈥檚 Day can be a downer if you鈥檙e still playing the online dating game. Warmer days are ahead, but in the meantime, we recommend retail therapy as a cure for your blues. If you鈥檙e still sticking to your money-saving New Year鈥檚 resolutions (good for you!), don鈥檛 worry 鈥 February (especially President鈥檚 Day weekend) is a great time for budget shopping.

Scroll down to read about the items you should consider buying this month for a great price!

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1. Winter Clothes, Snow Boots and Mittens: As we start to see the light at the end of winter (or, at least, we hope so!), retailers will be slapping sale stickers on lots of cold-weather duds. If you鈥檙e starting to wear out your heavy coat or your boots are becoming increasingly less waterproof, think ahead for next year and grab some new wintry necessities while they鈥檙e cheap.

2. Perfume: In early February, you may still be able to catch post-holiday clearances on your favorite scents, and prices will drop again later in the month after Valentine鈥檚 Day. Who says you need bae to buy you something to make you smell pretty? Treat yourself to a great perfume this month (and then be sure to use these expert tips for applying fragrance correctly!).

3. Candy and Snacks: Between sales on Valentine鈥檚 Day chocolates and Super Bowl snacks 鈥 plus lingering deals on Christmas candy 鈥 you should have no problem finding your guilty-pleasure foods on sale at big box stores and supermarkets.

4. Valentine鈥檚 Day Items: Just like January is prime time to buy holiday decorations, late February is the perfect opportunity to stock up on Valentine鈥檚 Day cards and treats. Get ahead of your plans for next year鈥檚 Galentine鈥檚 Day gathering by picking up some swoon-worthy decor or stashing away some seasonal stationery for your loved ones 鈥 at a lower price! Even if you prefer to DIY your Valentine鈥檚 Day, you鈥檒l at least want some heart-shaped candy on hand for sudden cravings. Buy it on February 15!

5. Mattresses: Retailers tend to offer major sales over President鈥檚 Day weekend, so it鈥檚 a great time to finally take the plunge on big ticket items like a new mattress. If you鈥檝e been tossing and turning in an uncomfortable bed, maybe this is your opportunity to do some research on this seriously adult purchase and go buy a new one!

6. Humidifiers: Just like mattresses, humidifiers are a pricey home purchase that you might be less inclined to buy without a tempting holiday weekend sale to save you some serious pennies. Since winter temperatures tend to dry out the air in our homes (and our skin), you鈥檒l be happy you took advantage of sales to buy one of these bad boys.

7. Televisions: The best deals of the year on TVs are yours for the taking during Super Bowl season (in case you鈥檙e not tuned into the football scene, this year鈥檚 championship game will be played on February 5). New models are typically marked down prior to the 鈥楤owl in anticipation of the superfans out there looking for the best screen that money can buy, and prices on whatever televisions are left in stores are dropped even further when the game is over.

8. Canned Food: Did you know that it鈥檚 National Canned Food Month? Well, we didn鈥檛 either, but now that we do, you can bet that we鈥檙e going to stock up on any canned ingredients we like to have on hand for our favorite recipes! Keep your eye out for sales and special coupons at your local grocery store.

9. Clothing: November and December may be known for the number of clothing sales out in stores, but the best value clearances can be found this month, particularly over President鈥檚 Day weekend. Go fill in any gaps in your winter wardrobe and start prepping for spring fashion!

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