Ahh summer, when the sun is out, the air is warm and everything feels vibrant and alive… it’s the perfect time to hole up and watch a crap ton of TV! Binge watching is our generation’s sport of choice and we are all practiced marathoners.

Any binger worth their streaming subscription knows that the third season of Orange Is the New Black dropped today and all 13 episodes are available for your viewing pleasure. However if you get done with Taystee, Red, Crazy Eyes and the gang sooner than expected (or if you were so dedicated you watched it last night, you greedy minx) here are some other shows to gobble whole this weekend.

1. Sense8on Netflix: This new sci-fi show revolves around eight strangers who suddenly gain a telepathic bond. They band together with their minds to solve a mystery are are simultaneously being hunted by a similarly powered person with a vendetta. This show boasts an ethnically diverse cast and plotlines that touch on issues of sexuality and gender identity. At only 12 episodes you can stand to get hooked on this thriller. (Photo via Netflix)

2. Garfunkel and Oates on Netflix: This show was so teeny you may have missed it when it aired. It tells the story of real-life comedy music duo Garfunkel and Oates. The gang covers the perils of touring and also the challenges of being a woman in comedy and in the real world. The hilarious plot is often interspersed with musical montages, think Flight Of The Conchords with bad ass lady empowerment. (Photo via YouTube)

3. Call the Midwife on Netflix and PBS: Okay. We know literally everyone’s mom watches this show but, you know what? Sometimes moms are on to something (see also: thinking Tom Selleck is hot and always wearing sunscreen). This period drama focuses on a group of nurses living in a poor neighborhood in England in the ’50s. A great show for anyone who has baby fever but also wants to feel grateful to live in a world with modern medicine. This show is funny and moving and has some surprisingly progressive themes that deal with race relations and non-traditional relationships. Downton Abbey, who? (Photo via PBS)

4. Chef’s Table on Netflix: This show takes food porn to the max. Each episode showcases the rise in power of a spotlit gourmet chef. Its close-up shots of some of the prettiest food on television will make your mouth water and each chef’s story is inspiring (see if you can watch Niki Nakayama’s episode without screaming “YAS QUEEN” every five minutes). This show is best watched pre-gym so you can remind yourself what you’re really fighting for. (Photo via Netflix)

5. Firefly on Netflix and Hulu: This show from 2002 never got a fair shake from the network and is really hitting its stride with the advent of streaming. Firefly is a Western set in a dystopic sci-fi future and features a rowdy crew who go on adventures. Joss Wheaton (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Avengers) added his trademark wit to this show long before he was booted off of Twitter and it is a masterpiece. Each episode is a mix of action, clever comedy and strong female characters that will make you truly angry that it never got a second season. Fear not though, once you’re done watching the series the action continues in a movie called Serenity. (Photo via Fox)

What’s your binge watching plan of action for the weekend? Tell us in the comments then go watch the heck out of whatever it is!

(Featured photo via Netflix)