There are some basics about cyber security that we all know: Don’t give your password out to any old website, make sure the connection is secure when giving out credit card information, use a VPN whenever possible and don’t click on any weird links. That last one bears repeating: Don’t click on any unidentifiable links you receive.

Teenage Girl With Friend Being Bullied By Text Message

Earlier this month, a link was sent out via SMS that was capable of jailbreaking phones and infecting them with malware. The attack was also capable of copying encrypted messages, activating the phone’s microphone and secretly tracking it with GPS. Basically, it was capable of infecting phones and then sending along all your personal information to whoever wanted it.

The link had been sent from an Israel-based “cyber war” group. It was capable of turning your phone against you into a sophisticated spying machine. It was the first time a remote jailbreak of an iOS has been recorded, according to Citizen Lab, who investigated the malware.

For now, you don’t have to worry about someone remotely hacking into your phone — Citizen Lab has already worked with Apple to fix the iPhone’s vulnerability. If you update to the new iOS 9.3 today, it will have this protection. However it’s important to remember that, although you’re protected this round, hackers make advances in technology every day. Stay safe and PLEASE don’t click any weird links.

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(h/t The Verge; photo via Getty)