St. Patrick’s Day decorations, check. Party food, check. Signature green cocktail, check. Shamrock cupcakes, check. This party is ready to roll, except… what on earth am I going to wear? This happens to me every year. Green has never been “my color”. I didn’t inherit my grandmother’s porcelain skin, red hair and freckles. So, while Grannie looked like a wee pretty lass in Kelly Green (even into her 70s), I look like Peter Pan. Generally I just dodge the issue, making do with my fave Pogues t-shirt and some shamrock earrings, but this year I’m determined to find a green that suits me. Well, who knew there are so many! Here are 18 party dresses in various shades of green, with a green to suit every skin tone.

Over at Inside Out Style Blog, personal stylist Imogen Lamport addresses the topic of choosing the right green. “Many people get confused about green and whether or not it’s warm or cool,” she says. “People think of all greens as being cool, because the overtone of green is cool. But the reality is, you can make a green warmer when you play with its undertone.”

First I had to determine my skin’s undertone. A brunette with brown eyes, who tans easily, I tend to look better in gold jewelry than silver. That’s the first hint that I likely have warm undertones. When I turn my hand palm-up, my veins look blue, rather than green. That’s another clue that I am a warm skin tone.

“To make green warm, add yellow,” advises Imogen.


I try on some of the more lime-green shades of green — and she’s right! The yellow-greens are definitely my hue. The more yellow, the better.

If you are still searching for your perfect green, consider your undertones and do some experimentation. Or, wear a hint of green in your accessories. Here are 15 stylish ways to wear green on St. Paddy’s Day.

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(Photo via Inside Out Style Blog)