There are actually a slew of hacks around to ensure that you always have wifi, wherever you may be. We gathered 12 awesome ways for you to always be connected. You may have to travel as far as Estonia (for reals, this country has free wifi EVERYWHERE), but we also have some options in closer reach. Delve in and get that “Pin It” button ready, because you’ll want to save ALL of these wifi hacks.

1. Wefi: Meet Wefi, an app that eliminates searching for a wifi network on your phone and simplifies life by helping your smartphone automatically locate and instantly connect to the strongest wifi network available. It’s also smart enough to detail whether the network is encrypted or open, what the network’s signal strength and what kind of category it’s in, e.g. a cafe. (Free on Android and Windows)

2. Karma Go ($99): Take wifi with you everywhere and only pay for what you use ($14 for 1GB). Sounds fair enough, right? This tiny box boasts big Internet as a portable hotspot that’s contract free. Simply pay as you go. It’s just the thing for people on the move, frequent travelers and those who are watching their piggy banks.

3. Hotspotio: Share wifi connections with friends in return for favors. This Android app is all about sharing. As a network owner, you can spread the love of wifi with friends, their friends or new friends in return for things like coffee, a happy hour drink or even, a “like” on Facebook. Everyone walks away happy-io! (Free on Android)

4. FreedomPop (Free): Unlimited everything… yeah right?! Yeah, right! It sounds like a gimmick but it’s true. FreedomPop offers the world’s first free unlimited everything service, including talk, text and wifi. Get guaranteed high speed wireless Internet on all your devices no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re soaking up some sun on the beach or waiting for Flight 3645 to get to your gate, FreedomPop’s pocket-sized hotspots will make sure you always have wifi. Whether you prefer your wifi in the form of a usb stick, hub, hotspot or phone, FreedomPop has you covered.

5. Change the URL: Let’s face it, 20 minutes of free airport wifi doesn’t always cut it. Here’s a trick you can use to bypass restricted wifi: Change the URL to get free access by adding “?.jpg” to the end of a URL, and viola. You’re connected. (via Complex)

6. Webbing: Travel much? Webbing is a mobile Internet hotspot that, unlike your home router, goes where you go, creating a personal wifi network. Pricing is still to come… but Webbing does say that their service plans are based on fixed-rate daily packages with large data allowances.

7. Facebook Wifi (Free): Facebook is making their way into companies big and small by teaming up with Cisco to give out free wifi in exchange for check-ins. Here’s how it works: A business who’s hooked up with Facebook’s wifi option will be able to let their customers “check in” to gain free access to their wifi. It’s a good way for customers to use free wifi and a win for Facebook as they reel in more Pages on their social network.

8. Touchscreen Wifi Router: After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Almond+ Touchscreen Wifi Router is here, and it’s basically the best thing ever. Not only will you have blazing fast wifi, but you can also go ahead and toss aside your TV and DVD remotes. And no need for turning up the thermostat or touching a light switch, because the Almond+’s smartphone app can do it for you. You see, it is much more than a router, it’s the superhero of routers — an actual smarthome hub.

9. iStick ($129): USB drives and Apple devices don’t mix… that is until the iStick was introduced. Meet the first ever USB flash drive with an integrated Apple connector that works with both your iPhone and your computer. That’s right, you won’t have to use email attachments or cloud services to copy or transfer data. You can use the iStick. So, how do you get free wifi? The clever iStick lets you view or play files right from the drive itself so you have the ideal way to view photos and stream music, video, books or view documents all while offline, which is awesome news for travelers and subway commuters.

10. Tethering (Free): Before you sign up for that tablet data plan, get the DL on mobile hotspots. In case you didn’t realize, you can use your smartphone as a hotspot to provide wireless Internet for nearby tablets, laptops, e-readers or iPods and for multiple devices. Depending on your wireless carrier and current plan, you may be able to use your phone’s mobile hotspot feature at no extra charge.

11. Open Wireless Movement (Free): If you believe that the Internet should be available anywhere for anyone, you should start supporting the Open Wireless Movement. The movement is a coalition of “Internet freedom advocates, companies, organizations and technologists working to develop new wireless technologies and to inspire a movement of Internet openness.” They believe in sharing and imagine a future with universal and open Internet. Be sure to check out their recently released Open Wireless Router Firmware: Custom router software that makes sharing individual, corporate or business networks easier, while speeding up the Internet experience and improving security. Currently the project is in a beta and welcomes the developer community to give their input.

12. e-Estonia (Free): Imagine a place where you can gain access to wifi from a forest or where services such as elections, taxes, banking, healthcare and school are all online. No, this is not a utopian Internet society. This is real, and you can find it in Estonia, the country where you’ll have free wifi almost everywhere you go. The term “e-Estonia” is used to describe Estonia’s emergence as an advanced e-society where wifi is free and routine services have become e-services so that people have more freedom. Why wait in line when you can easily perform the task online and go to a cafe with a friend instead?!

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