Remember those “That Was Easy” buttons you could buy at Staples? Sure, they looked cool, and they were definitely a great gag gift, but ultimately they didn’t do much besides talk. That is, until now. Because someone has taken the idea and actually turned it into something useful. It’s called bttn, and it’s the hottest new thing in home tech we’ve seen in a while.

The bttn is just what it sounds like: a physical button. But it’s connected to the Internet and any time you press it, it can take charge of pretty much any connected device you want.

You can set up bttn to send text messages to loved ones when you arrive home, turn on your TV, radio and coffee maker in the morning before you get out of bed, control a website or even call for a taxi. Take a look:

It’s a pretty genius idea, all things considered. It can be used to keep families safe or keep track of children at school by ensuring they tap the button whenever they arrive at their destination. Or it can streamline otherwise tedious tasks. The possibilities are pretty much only limited by what you can come up with yourself.

Even better, bttn is super easy to use, configuring seamlessly with any devices you already have. You can use the ready-made, suggested actions, or create custom actions of your own. The company is currently trying to get funded on Indiegogo; go take a look at their page if you want to raise your home’s IQ with the press of a button.

Would you use this easy button to streamline your life? If so, how would you use it to control your devices? Let us know below!