It’s mid-winter, and you and your friends are having a cozy yet adventurous weekend getaway to the snow. After a full day of snowshoeing, skiing and the occasional snowball fight (those are still okay at 34, right?), it’s time to warm those frosty fingers and toes by the fire. No doubt everyone is hungry after all the activities, so surprise your pals and set up a post-snow-day apps table. Together with Triscuit, we’ve got some delicious and easy recipes for you to make for your friends that will warm their hearts and their bellies.


We’ve decked out our apps table with a DIY hot chocolate bar, grilled cheese-topped tomato soup and Triscuit apps. Let’s get started with the appetizer recipes.

Triscuit + Squash + Kale + Ricotta


The combination of delicious roasted winter veggies with a touch of salty ricotta cheese and that Triscuit cracker crunch really hits the spot after a full day outdoors!


Let’s get started!


First, coat the kale and squash in oil and roast them in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn them after 15 minutes, then remove the kale when it’s crisp and the squash when it has slightly browned on top. Add a dollop of ricotta to your Triscuit, then place a piece of kale and squash on top. Not a fan of squash? No problem. Triscuit crackers start simple, so they are perfect for adding toppings. What you add is up to you! As always, we suggest you get creative :)


Triscuit + Sweet Pea + Greek Yogurt + Feta


Peas and cheese — yes please.


On to the recipe!


Simply add peas and olive oil to your food processor to make the pureed pea mash. Then top your Triscuit with a spoonful of peas, a drop of yogurt and a sprinkling of feta.


This counts as a serving of veggies, right?


Next up, style your apps table with a DIY hot chocolate bar. Provide whipped cream, extra chocolate, marshmallows and mini candy canes.


Keep the warm goodies coming with hot tomato soup. Make mini grilled cheese sandwiches to top the soup. Nothing warms up a cold pair of paws like a warm bowl of soup.


Your friends will be so delighted when they come home to this spread.


The possibilities are endless with Triscuit crackers. Make our recipes or create your own — these crackers are made for more (though they are also delicious on their own)!


Your friends will be warm in no time.


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This post is a collaboration with Triscuit.

Photo Styling: Roxy Taghavian

Food Production: Roxy Taghavian

Photography: Chris Andre