There were already plenty of reasons to be excited about season two of Fuller Houseseriously, if you haven’t watched the first season yet, which is absolutely filled with heart-squeezing nostalgia attacks, you definitely want to — but now there’s one more reason to be totally giddy. The wait for season two will be much shorter than we thought. Have mercy!

They tweeted the news directly from the Netflix account, and told us, “Consider it an early holiday present… @fullerhouse Season 2 is coming to Netflix Dec 9.” Whoa! Wait! What?! December 9. That’s awesome!

With the first season only coming out this past March, it would have been safe to assume that the comeback would be happening early in 2017, but hey, we’re not complaining. And just look at that pic. Everyone’s looking perfectly adorable in their autumn outfits, with a pumpkin-lined picnic in front of their iconic home.

Fuller House

The only regulars missing from the pic are cutie vet Matt and old boyfriend Steve, the two men competing for DJ’s heart. We have to assume this means she still hasn’t made her choice and there will be more super cute courting in season two.

Fuller House

We also can’t wait to see what’s up with Kimmy and Fernando, kiddos Ramona, Jackson, Max and Tommy, and of course, which of the uncles will be showing up every once in a while. And is Steph still a famous DJ (DJ Tanner… get it?)? We have to know!

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(Photos via Netflix)