If we really take a good look at things, the main reason why many of us fail at our New Year’s resolutions to be healthier, get fitter and generally kick butt harder is because we get bored.

So clearly the monotony of weights and the treadmill just isn’t going to do it for us. That’s why we’re turning to 12 amazing fitness classes that pack a big calorie burning punch while still being crazy fun. Whether you’ve heard of some or all of these awesome workout classes, we encourage you to incorporate one into your new fitness routine in 2015!


1. Be Like Queen Bey: Beyoncé works hard for her enviable curves, but that doesn’t mean they’re unattainable for us regular gals. A combo of fast paced dance-inspired cardio followed by focused toning in the arms and legs will totally get you a queen-worthy bod. (via Wall Street Cheat Sheet)


2. Paddle Board Yoga: Picture yourself finding nirvana in the middle of a peaceful expanse of blue, and you’ll get an idea of how amazingly peaceful paddle board yoga can be. Once you find your balance, that is. (via Huffington Post)


3. Water Biking: Rather than biking miles over unbearable hills, take to the water and paddle loops around a nearby lake. Of course, you won’t be able to break out this sport until everything unfreezes, but it’s a good dream to hold on to.


4. Home Boot Camp: Be your own drill sergeant and push yourself through this rapid-fire cardio and strength training attack. Grab a friend to cheer you on so you don’t lag behind. (via One Direction Fitness)


5. Soul Cycle: What kind of exercise roundup would this be without a good old-fashioned spin class? We love Soul Cycle’s sleek look and upbeat classes to give us the most heart-pounding ride of our lives. (via Vegan Cinephile)


6. Cross Fit: Start off slow with this exercise routine, which is notorious for pushing participants beyond their limits. But if you listen to your body and have a sense of how much you can take, this might be the ultimate muscle-building workout for you. (via Huffington Post)


7. Aqua Spinning: Think spin class, but with a lot more gravity keeping your legs from moving on the bike. At least the water cools you off, because otherwise you’d be pouring off buckets of sweat. (via Live Fitter)


8. Punk Rope: Take your old-school jump rope off the playground and into the gym for a great cardio boost that’s also super fun.


9. Ripsurfer X: There are a lot of classes popping up that use this combo balance board/surfboard. The wobbling imitates the movement of waves, forcing you to engage your core to stay upright. (via NJ Surf Fitness)


10. Candlight Flow: Try this class for a relaxing workout that still burns calories and builds strength and balance. As you begin to flow through the poses, you’ll quickly warm up and start burning, in a good way. (via Sangha Studio)


11. Pure Barre: Part ballet, part yoga, part pilates and part cardio, you will definitely feel this one in your legs after. But stick with it and you’ll develop the long, lean muscles you always wanted. (via Jacksonville Moms Blog)


12. Anti-Gravity Yoga: Always wanted to be a trapeze artist? Well this comes pretty close, combining the meditative aspects of yoga with gorgeous ceiling hangings to build your grace and comfort within your body. (via Levitas Studio)

Which of these workouts are you super excited to try out? Tell us in the comments below whether you’ll be adopting any of them for your New Year’s workout!