In case it’s news to you, the age of Instagram has brought with it some *seriously* intense dessert creations. Think freakshakes and cookie dough in a cone. But even though we might discover these dessert ideas on social media, they usually have very real roots at some hip dessert shop, often in New York, London, Hong Kong, or other foodie cities. And that’s precisely the case for “wowfulls,” a trendy new dessert idea borrowed from 1950s-era Hong Kong by a popular Manhattan restaurant titled after its namesake. And people on Instagram are going NUTS for wowfulls.

1. I Spy Wowfulls: How many different ingredients can you spot in these babies? At first glance, there are balls of dough, Fruity Pebbles, strawberries, cookie dough, sprinkles, cookies and cream ice cream, superman ice cream… and that’s not even the end of it.

2. Waffle Cones: Wowfulls give new meaning to the term waffle cone. Bonus points for the Teddy Grahams.

3. Matcha Wowfulls: Just in case you wanted some nutritious ingredients in your wowfulls, we’re pretty sure that’s matcha ice cream we see on the right hand side. With coconut flakes to boot!

4. Gai Dàn Jai: According to the restaurant Wowfulls, which is credited with popularizing these sweet treats here in the US, these delectable desserts first became popular in Hong Kong in the 1950s, where they were called Gai Dàn Jai.

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5. The Chocolate Lover’s Wowfull: This creation is all about chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. In fact, the waffles themselves even come in different flavors (this one is obviously chocolate).

6. The Many Flavors of Wowfulls: Just to give you an idea of the multitude of flavors these desserts can come in, a few ice cream varieties include Cake Batter Vodka Martini, Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel, and Vanilla Beam Bourbon.

7. Strawberry Sweetness: This wowfull is all about strawberries, chocolate, and sprinkles.

8. Savory Wowfulls: Last but not least, you can also get wowfulls in the form of the traditional chicken and waffles dinner. So if you’re just not craving sweets, you’ve still got *options.*

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