There are few things we love as much as nostalgia from our childhoods: ’90s sitcom reboots, old video games, Fruit Roll-Ups — we eat it all up. But sometimes, some people just take things too far. Sony wants us all to bring back our Walkmans. But not just any old Walkman, oh no. The new version that Sony is hawking costs a cool $3,680. Why, you ask? Well, this one is plated in gold. Naturally.


“Why would someone pay that much money when we have rose gold iPhones?” you may also ask. Well, according to Sony, gold does much more than just flaunt wealth. It helps eliminate any discrepancies in sound that would lead to a less-than-perfect sound experience.

So, if you’re an audiophile who owns an amazing pair of headphones and also sits around debating mono versus stereo recordings, you will notice a difference in sound quality. For everybody else: You’re just going to have golden nostalgia.

Although, if you’re just trying to show up everybody with a gold iPhone and you have everything, this could be the perfect gadget for you.

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(h/t Gizmodo; photos via Sony)