While we’d never encourage you to spend a sunny, gorgeous summer day inside, sometimes you’re just feeling a day (or three) on the couch. With the TV seasons changing and summer shows just starting, we thought we’d catch you up on some of the hottest series coming your way. Check out these 10 shows we know you’ll be willing to stay inside for. Get ready to be glued to the tube.

1. Almost Royal: This comedy-reality series follows George and Poppy, two British aristocrats, on their first trip around the U.S. The show focuses on their experiences and interactions with real Americans, as they step away from their privileged lives as distant descendants of the British Royal Family. You can check out their fab videos on YouTube until the humorous series begins on June 21. (via BBC America)

2. Suits: USA brought us Suits back in 2011, and now, season 4 is starting up with just as many over-the-top quirks between the dynamic duo of stars as the past three seasons have contained. Join Mike and Harvey at Pearson Specter as they continue to falsify credentials and rule the legal world. Teasers for this epic season have included trouble for Mike and Rachel, a lack of Louis and more thrilling curveballs than you can imagine. (via Rickey)

3. The Quest: Think Amazing Race meets Lord of the Rings, and you’ve pretty much got the premise for this new reality hit. The Quest premieres on July 31 and will feature 12 contestants who compete in a mythical world of swords and fantastic creatures. We think this pick will be a perfect way for Game of Thrones fans to pass the time until next winter. (via ABC)

4. Orange is the New Black: In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, Netflix’s original series are legit out-of-this-world amazing. Season 2 of OITNB was released at the beginning of June, so you have 13 fresh episodes to binge on to help you get your fill of female prison life and Crazy Eyes this summer. Missed season 1? Catch up on past episodes on Netflix now. (via Netflix)

5. Extant: Coming July 9, Halle Berry stars in this thrilling CBS drama produced by Steven Spielberg. Berry is an astronaut who is returning home after a solo mission. The show follows her journey to reconnect with her family and return to normal life after everything she experienced in space. (via CBS, photo via Parade)

6. Mystery Girls: Let’s be honest, sometimes we all need our fill of a classic, happy-go-lucky ABC family show. And you better believe this one stars our two fave celebs from the original 90210 cast you once loved and cherished. Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling play two former detective-TV-show stars that are reunited by a real-life mystery. Sound corny? Of course it does, but it’s also probably insanely addictive and adorable. Tune in for the series premiere on Wednesday, June 25 at 8:30. (via ABC Family, photo via E!)

7. Power: 50 Cent rocked our world back in the day with his super fly hits like “Candy Shop,” so why wouldn’t we tune into his latest television production? A NY nightclub owner is torn between having it all and staying honest as his hotspot club hides a successful drug business controlled by the wealthy and powerful that is, in turn, allowing him to live a life he never could’ve imagined. Sounds to us like a scandalous drama that is bound to have plenty of twists, turns and “OMG” moments along the way. (via Starz)

8.The Strain: Still in vampire withdrawal since the last Twilight release? You’re in luck. This show is based on the hit novel trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. It’s centered around a doctor and his team who are asked to look into a viral outbreak that seems to resemble an old and dangerous strain of vampirism. Brace yourself for fantasy, a little bit of horror and a lot of vampires when the series starts on July 13. (via FX, photo via Entertainment Fuse)

9. Masters of Sex: Season 2 of this racy hit starts on July 13 with William Masters, OBGYN, and his assistant, Virginia Johnson, continuing their work and romance as part of the sexual revolution of the 1950s. Catch up on season 1 on Showtime now, and get ready to be completely satisfied by this duo as they teach America what love really means. (via Showtime, photo via Inlander)

10. Halt and Catch Fire: Rewind to about one year after IBM released the IMB PC. This drama follows Joe MacMillan as he and his team of two (the prodigy and the engineer) attempt to reverse engineer the product in a battle to create the personal computer. Although it’s fictional, reviewers claim that this AMC summer series lets viewers in on what it’s truly like to be on the cusp of something innovative and life-altering. (via AMC, photo via Hollywood Reporter)

Which of these summer shows are you excited to watch? What’s your favorite channel for great summer TV? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.