Everyone needs a trip to the spa now and then. Especially during the holidays. You’ll get pretty tensed up after boxing for that last discounted Elsa Barbie on Black Friday, we know. But what if you could go to the spa every day… in your own bathroom? Every girl’s dream, right? Check out these 10 simple tips for turning your bathroom into your own private spa retreat. Cucumber slices not included.

1. White Towels ($13): What’s one thing that automatically comes to mind when you think of the spa? Those soft white towels. Definitely a must.

2. Pampering Products: Of course spas only use the best products that relax, restore and smell amazing. Try out an all-natural product like Fig and Yarrow for your next facial.

3. Lots of Candles: Mood lighting is essential for any relaxing spa experience. Plenty of candlelight promises to give you just that. (via Marshalls Abroad)

4. Bathroom Greenery: Green leaves will look even more emerald against those white towels. Not to mention, they’ll clean the air for you. (via The Guardian)

5. Bath Salts: Imagine stepping into a warm bubbly lavender and rosemary scented bath… we wouldn’t mind one of those right about now. (via Brit + Co)

6. Bath Caddy: Whether you’re reading the latest thriller or catching up on Instagram, you need a space to keep those special items dry. This caddy will do. (via Everyday Simple)

7. Body Scrub: You never leave the spa without your skin feeling silky smooth. These five organic DIY body scrubs will have the same effect. (via Brit + Co)

8. Sumatra Door Mat ($60): Remember that spa feeling of stepping from the hot water onto dry wood or stones? That effect is right here.

9. Shampoo Bottles: Even normal shampoo and conditioner should have a pretty bottle if your bathroom is going to look like a spa. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

10. Face Scrubs: Don’t forget your face. Customize your facial to your own needs by choosing one of these all-natural scrubs. (via Brit + Co)

Do you have any at-home spa tips that we missed? Let us know below!