We’ve only got one thing on our minds this week, and that’s making (and keeping!) our New Year’s resolutions. One of ours is to become a yoga regular and finally conquer the scorpion pose. But of course, to do that, a new mat or towel is a must-have. Because once we have the perfect towel, the skills will come naturally… or at least that’s what we’re hoping. Scroll through to take a peek at 11 mats and towels to get your namaste on.


1. Ombre Mat ($50): We know you fashionistas have rocked the ombre fashion look by now, and even your hair has probably followed the trend. Get your yoga mat in on the fun too.


2. Pink and Red Mat ($89): The intricate design on this one justifies its hefty price tag. THIS is the inspo newbies need to jumpstart their newfound love for yoga.


3. Morocccan Mat ($75): We like to think of this one as Moroccan rockin’. Bold colors? Count us in.


4. Green Watercolor-Striped Mat ($40): A soothing green watercolor is just what the yoga doctor ordered.


5. Faded Towel ($64): Looking for something a little less wild and a little more, ahem, relaxing? You’re welcome.


6. South Western Mat ($98): The best part about this one? You can add it to your Urban Outfitters cart along with the rest of your sneaky wardrobe purchases. (We think the new year calls for new clothes too!)


7. Simple Floral Mat ($30): If you’re on a budget but still looking for a fun way to amp up your yoga style, snag this blue yoga mat for just $30.


8. Deco Magic Carpet Yoga Mat ($89): The flowers on this will keep us thinking about spring, even when we’re marching past piles of snow to get to yoga class.


9. Geometric Towel ($39): This limited-edition hot yoga towel takes the cake for us. Just look at all those bright colors!


10. Chevron Mat ($84): The classic chevron pattern gets a facelift with all the extra zigzags, dots and stripes.


11. Striped Mat ($60): When in doubt, stripe it out. At least that’s our theory.

Are you excited to take your yoga skills to the next level with an epic towel or mat? Tell us your faves in the comments below.