We know you’re into all things mermaid-related — DIY mermaid tail blankets, mermaid-inspired swimsuits, mermaid nails, mermaid hairstyles and even mermaid makeup brushes — so why not just become a whimsical creature of the deep blue sea (or pool) yourself? Or, at least, embrace the closest thing we humans can get to the mythical beings by becoming a mermaid instructor (yes, it’s a thing!). Here are the deets on how to make your underwater dreams come true.


Various vacay spots and rec centers are now offering the uber-trendy underwater experience of swimming like a mermaid, including North Carolina’s Kitty Hawk Kites, which, along with giving customers various other beach-side adventures, runs its very own Mermaid School. And, natch, they need skilled “mermaids” to give the lessons that will turn fun-seekers into an IRL Ariel (wut!).


So what do you need to master in order to become a mermaid instructor yourself? Well, the folks at Kitty Hawk Kites are certified lifeguards and masters of maneuvering in a propelling “fluid dolphin kick motion” with the fitted tails, so needless to say, you’ll likely need the docs to prove your water skillz, as well as a heck of a backstroke.

Sound like something that would float your boat (or, er, your tail)? Then get swimming, mer-ladies and mer-gentlemen!

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(h/t Alabama News Center, photos via Greg Ceo + Bob Thomas/Getty)