OMG: Wine Coffee Exists and We’re Practically Salivating
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OMG: Wine Coffee Exists and We’re Practically Salivating

Personally, we didn’t think it could get much better than CoffVee’s resveratrol (the antioxidant found in wine)-infused java beans: AKA all the goodness of your favorite cup of joe, plus the added health benefits you’d see from a glass of vino — score! It seems the beverage Gods at Molinari Private Reserve have proved us wrong, however, because we just got wind of a brand new beverage which takes things one step further by infusing coffee with — get this — actual wine! Sacré blue!

According to the company’s site, the drink hails from Napa Valley and is made when coffee beans are left to “relax” in a batch of your favorite nighttime indulgence. Then, the beans are removed from the wine, dried, and roasted in small curated batches for your drinking pleasure—YUM!

If you’re worried about having to drink this stuff black so as not to muss it up with milk, not to fret—apparently, adding cream will actually serve to enhance its wine flavors (who knew!?). The company also recommends drinking it chilled, and says that like wine, the longer it sits, the better it goes down the hatch.

The beans ($20) are currently out of stock (noooooo!!!) but you can bet we’ll be checking back on the daily until we’re able to get our hands on some of this miracle drink.

Now begs the only real question at hand — wine glass or mug!?

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, photos via Hero images/Getty)