With summer hitting us in less than a week, we’re thinking of all the adorable outfits and printed swimsuits we’ll wear to festivals, parties or poolside. One thing we’re not looking forward to, though, is the pesky mosquito. Although it’s ideal to cover up at dusk, there’s no way we’ll be dragging around a change of clothes just for the evenings. Bug bites are truly the bane of our summer existence, and with so many options for repelling them, we were surprised to learn that new research is pointing to Victoria’s Secret for a different kind of spray.


Researchers from New Mexico State University were studying what was best in repelling those annoying blood suckers, and to throw a wrench into their study, they decided to add in Victoria’s Secret perfume Bombshell. Why Bombshell? One of the researchers was gifted a bottle, and they thought they’d use it to test against already well known repellents like DEET or Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. However, in trying to use the perfume to lure insects due to its flowery scent, the researchers found that, in high concentrations, the perfume repelled as well as DEET, but for only a few hours.

The researchers do point out that perfume should not be a substitute for bug repellent and, considering you can buy a bottle of OFF! Deep Woods for less than 10 bucks, but a bottle of Bombshell is around $50, our money’s on the bug spray. That being said, if you already wear the perfume, it looks like you’ll be safe from bug bites this summer.

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(h/t Today Show, photo via VictoriasSecret.com)