We were already prepared to head out and buy tickets to The Greatest Showman after Zac Efron confessed that the kiss he shares with Zendaya in the film might be his 鈥favorite kiss ever,鈥 but his co-star鈥檚 latest admission about the film, which may or may not include a cringe-worthy collision, has us even more intrigued!

The incident in question occurred as the 鈥淩ide Me鈥 singer and the Baywatch star, who took on the role of her star-crossed stage actor love, Phillip Carlyle, shared a touching scene involving the trapeze. As it turns out, those spinning moves weren鈥檛 quite as easy as the actors made them look.

Sitting down for a chat on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Zendaya, 21, revealed that her prep for role of acrobat Anne Wheeler was rather intense, saying, 鈥淚t was a lot of training. It was a lot of鈥 just literally getting up there and going for it.鈥 She wasn鈥檛 kidding, adding, 鈥淚 remember I had been rehearsing on this specific rig that I was used to. I had become normal with that height difference, and there was a net. I felt good and comfortable, and I had been doing it for a while. I was like, 鈥極kay, cool. I鈥檓 a trapeze artist, now! This is great!鈥欌

But when it was time for the cameras to start rolling, she felt less confident in her skills. Especially considering the fact that the first scene she shot with the High School Musical star was the complicated aerial spin move. 鈥淭he rig was 15 to 20 feet taller and there was no net, because back in the day, they didn鈥檛 have those yet,鈥 she explained. 鈥淚 was hooked up, so I鈥檓 safe, but visually 鈥 that鈥檚 a lot to get over.鈥

Thankfully, one of the project鈥檚 megastars stepped in. 鈥淩ight as I was going to go up in the cherry picker, Hugh Jackman walked by and he goes, 鈥榋endaya, you鈥檙e a badass.鈥 I was like, 鈥楾ake me up! Hugh Jackman called me a badass!鈥欌

Still, it wasn鈥檛 enough for the pair to avoid a collision. 鈥淲e鈥檙e supposed to grab onto each other with the other arm and begin like, this swing, which is in all the posters and it鈥檚 beautiful 鈥 and that鈥檚 great,鈥 she said with a pause 鈥淏ut, if you don鈥檛 catch each other鈥︹

She didn鈥檛 need to finish her sentence, smacking her hands together instead to mimic exactly what had happened when she and Efron, 30, suffered from one heck of an unromantic fail. And it wasn鈥檛 their last, either.

The honest star admitted, 鈥淎nd that鈥檚 just one of the many that we could choose from for that specific body slam!鈥 Ouch!

Check out their painful-looking collision in the clip above and catch the more successful version when The Greatest Showman hits theaters on December 22!

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(Photo via Roy Rochlin + Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty)