Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, Freaker USA was founded by a totally kooky and creative dude named Zach Crain. Along with a few of his friends, Zach created this textile company dedicated to knit cozies! Seriously. Cozies! They actually recently launched a line of socks as well — perfect for rocking some flash underneath a pair of trousers.

Head to our shop to stock up on cozies like crazy, like the bros you see right here. Then, read on to learn more about how Zach got started!

What inspires you? Why do you love to design, create and make?

It’s all for the giggles. Inspired by and created for smiles.

Tell us about Freaker.

Here’s a 40 second video about our origins — from living in a car, to running a company!

Freakers are the one-size-fits-all knit beverage insulators that keep your drinks cold, your hands dry, and you awesome. Each design infuses personality on whatever you are drinking — whether it be from a baby bottle, soda can, or 40 oz!

Made in the freakin’ USA, with love.

Tell us about the founders of Freaker.

Freaker USA was founded by a small team of wiley friends that didn’t want to work for jerk bosses — so we made a company instead! And we’ve been having a blast every step of the way.

What’s one piece of advice you’d share with other makers?

If it makes you happy, there’s a high chance it will make somebody else smile too!

Tell us how technology has changed and supported what you do.

Freaker USA would have a much harder time surviving if we lived in a different time and space. The internet has given us so many invaluable tools. I mean, hell, we launched our company via a Kickstarter campaign! Lovin’ on you, internet world.

What’s on your studio playlist?

Hall & Oates, of course!

How do you get into the creative flow? How does it feel?

Like that TLC song “Waterfalls.” You know what I’m talking about.

What do you love about teaching people to make? And inspiring people who don’t think they are traditionally creative?

We don’t use soap. Clean yourself like a cat.

Don’t forget to hit up the B+C Shop to get your own Freaker or two. We recommend making like these dudes and finding a freaker that doubles as a selfie ;)