Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. Some people call it a “Hallmark holiday” or say that it was created as an excuse for gift-giving, but no matter what the haters say, it’s still super fun to celebrate. And without Valentine’s Day, we wouldn’t get the chance to take part in Galentine’s Day, which — let’s be honest — is actually the best holiday ever. While the traditional V-Day date is a fancy dinner, couples who like to get their sweat on might be looking to do something a little outside of the box to celebrate. If you and you S.O. (or BFF!) decide to give one of these 10 fit activities a try, you’ll definitely be feeling the love. The best part? You’ll enjoy your maybe-indulgent dinner afterwards that much more.

Affectionate couple taking a break from hiking

1. Take a hike. Hitting the trails is a great way to hang out with your S.O. while still getting your heart rate up. Make it special by heading somewhere you haven’t explored together yet, and bring a romantic picnic along to enjoy when you reach the summit.

2. Practice your ice moves. If it’s just *way* too cold where you live for other outdoor activities, ice skating is always a safe bet, and it pairs perfectly with hot chocolate.

Couple dancing on beach

3. Dance it out. Ever taken a dance lesson? If not, now’s the perfect time to try it. Tango, samba and even swing dancing lessons are available in most areas. Even if you discover that you both have two left feet, you’ll totally bond over the experience.

4. Hit the slopes. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere near a ski mountain, grab your boo and spend a day chasing each other down the run. You could even make a weekend getaway of it, and the whole après ski thing isn’t bad, either.

5. Change lanes. Bowling might seem lame at first, but it’s actually really fun, especially if you can recruit some other couples to come and play in teams. Plus, there’s plenty of beer to go around, and everyone looks adorable in those funny shoes.

Ready to rock this workout?

6. Take your favorite studio class. Sometimes, doing your usual routine with bae can actually be more romantic than any grand gesture or super out-of-the-ordinary event. Whether you normally hit up the gym together or you’re dying to see them try their hand at your favorite barre class (because it’s SO much harder than it looks), getting sweaty together is always a good idea.

7. Be a little competitive. Whether you’re matching up in tennis, darts, pool or any other sport, a little healthy competition can go a long way when it comes to getting those sparks flying.

8. Get your climb on. If there’s a rock climbing gym in your city, it’s definitely worth a visit. Book a private lesson and learn how to belay each other while you make your way up the wall. Talk about a trust exercise, right?

9. Go camping. What could be more intimate than you and your boo, totally alone together and surrounded by nature? If you’re majorly craving QT with your S.O. this Valentine’s Day, getting out into the wild could be the perfect adventure.

10. Organize a scavenger hunt. This date idea can be both romantic and active — so basically the best of both worlds for those who love exploring. The possibilities are endless, whether you choose to plan the stops around significant locations in your relationship, like the site of your first date or where you originally met, or take them on a culinary tour of your town.

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