Like all fashion garments, swimsuit styles have changed dramatically over the years. One look at the ultra high-cut suits of the ’90s could tell you that. But just how drastically have the trends shifted? We’ll put it this way: what ladies wore in the water back in the ’30s is probably closer to something you’d find at Coachella today. Following the quick and informative style they’ve featured in the past, BuzzFeed’s newest video features 100 years of swimsuit fashion in under four minutes.

The video starts back in the ’20s with a simple black one-piece. The most popular swimsuit back then was the Jantzen suit, which was made of wool and featured an iconic “red diving girl” logo. As we jump forward 10 years, suits have now switched to latex (thank goodness) and offer a “molded fit” to help define the bust line.

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Then the ’40s roll around and we see the arrival of the bikini. Fun fact: When Louis Réard introduced the bikini, he named it after the atomic bomb testing site at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, because he expected the same explosive results from his invention. As the ’50s and ’60s go by, the style remains relatively the same, but the ’70s offered up a lot more variety.

During this era, suits were bright and styles varied much more than during any previous decade. The most notable trend born here was the cover-up, which opened up an entirely new realm of beach fashion. Jump ahead twenty years and you’ll find yourself in the midst of sporty, high-cut looks heavily inspired by Baywatch.


Finally, we move into present day, where one definite style is hard to pinpoint. Instead, BuzzFeed mentions that swimsuits are designed to cater to different bodies. They offer a glimpse at a ruched one-piece, a classic halter top and a trendy fringed suit.

Aside from receiving an informative lesson in fashion history, we also have to mention how stoked we are to see gorgeous ladies of all shapes and sizes as bathing beauties. 100 points to you, BuzzFeed.

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