It’s Thursday afternoon and you’ve got a bunch of gift boxes and store-wrapped gifts that need a little pizazz. Time to put a blank on it!

Topping presents is a simple art, and one that can result in you coming across hilarious items you’ve saved (you knew that arcade token would come in handy someday!) and figuring out how to tie them on to anything and everything under the tree. Here are a few simple examples, but let those creative juices flow. Anything in the house is fair game.

Cookie Cutters, of course! Doubles as a pretty adorable gift.

A darling Pine Cone Rose. Tutorial here.

Balloons! Nothing says party like a balloon.

Grab a few pairs of cheap sunglasses and adorn your gifts with corny coolness.

Wearables. An inexpensive bowtie, a flower hairpiece, and a bright gold sash.

You’re king of the world! Paper crowns are easy to find and fun to wear.

And as you know from previous days of wrapping, you can always top a present off with pom poms, paper bows, the ABCs, confetti and more.

How do you add a little flare to the boxes under your tree? Email tips to