17 Frightfully Adorable Halloween Drinks for Any Age
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17 Frightfully Adorable Halloween Drinks for Any Age

Halloween is a time for fun food, easy drinks and funny Halloween costumes. If it’s your turn to host the big party this year, you’re going to need all of the help you can get. First, you’ll need some simple no-bake Halloween treats to feed all of your guests. Then, make a few DIY Halloween crafts that will show up on everyone’s Instagram. Last (but certainly not least), you’ll need spooky themed drinks that everyone can enjoy. You already know what Halloween cocktail recipes you’ll be making, so now’s the time to iron out the non-boozy beverages. Keep reading for 17 frightening drinks that will be a hit with both the adults AND the kids at your bash.

1. Bloody Shirley Temples: Instead of mixing Grenadine into your Shirley Temple, fill plastic syringes with it for a fun and gruesome way to infuse your lemon-lime soda. Squirt a little into the bottom of the glass to start and then let the drinker play with the rest of the “blood” as they like. (via This Grandma Is Fun)

2. Candy Corn Layered Halloween Drink: This drink enlists pineapple-coconut juice, orange-mango juice and a tropical flavored Vitamin Water to create a layered effect. The end result looks like classic candy corn and is a fun learning activity for the kids. (via Boulder Locavore)

3. Candy Corn Milkshakes: This dairy-free milkshake is the perfect way to use up an overabundance of candy corn. There’s also banana and pumpkin puree in the drink, so you don’t have to feel too bad about drinking liquid candy. (via Vivian and Me)

4. Creepy Cooler: All this batty drink consists of is grape juice and lemon-lime soda. Feel free to add a splash of liquor to the leftovers after the kids go to bed. (via DIY Network)

5. Creepy Cool Syringe Halloween Drinks: Lime Kool-Aid and ginger ale give this mocktail its creepy green color. Fill plastic syringes with raspberry syrup and you have a spooky potion that’ll be a huge hit. (via Easy Peasy and Fun)

6. Fanta Jack O’Lantern Floats: DIY these cute cups with cheap window clings to create their Jack O’Lantern faces. Simply add vanilla ice cream and original Fanta to the glasses and you have a delicious orange drink AND an adorable craft. (via Belle of the Kitchen)

7. Goosebumps Punch: Your favorite childhood book just got a creepy-crawly drinkable makeover. Rainbow sherbet and green food coloring give the drink a swampy look and gummy worms are the perfect slimy accessory that kids will love. (via Sugar and Soul)

8. Poison Apple Halloween Drinks: If gore isn’t really your thing, these poison apple drinks are the perfect subtle Halloween beverage. Cranberry juice gives them their crimson hue while apple cider adds a tasty fall spice that’s essential for the holiday. (via Our Family World)

9. Ghost Milkshakes: Something as simple as a set of candy eyes can transform a simple vanilla milkshake into a friendly ghost. Don’t forget to print out drink labels for your party, that way everyone knows what ghoulishness they’re getting into. (via DIY Network)

10. Hocus Pocus Halloween Punch: This punch is free of any artificial colors, so you can feel comfortable serving it to all of your friend’s kids. It’s also kid-approved in the taste department, so you get a thumbs up from everybody! (via Nourished Simply)

11. Layered Halloween Drink: Layered drinks look like they take a lot more effort than they actually do. With a few pre-made bottled drinks, you can easily make a unique refreshment that goes with any party color theme. (via Our Thrifty Ideas)

12. Monster Candy Milkshake: You know you *always* have a ton of mini candy bars leftover after Halloween is over… Put them to good use and whip up this candy-packed milkshake. Just be prepared for the major sugar rush that comes after. (via Everyday Dishes)

13. Bloody Sparkling Cranberry Pineapple Punch: This drink is so tasty, you may find yourself making it well after Halloween. If you’re taking it to a party, try combining the pineapple and cranberry juices with red food coloring beforehand, then add the ginger ale right before serving. (via Dad With a Pan)

14. Boba Thai Tea Shooters: Are they spider eggs or are they boba balls? You’ll have to make these Thai tea test tube shooters to find out for sure. (via Thirsty for Tea)

15. Vampire Apple Pie Milkshakes: We can’t think of anything more festive to make after an afternoon of apple picking. Turn up the gore-factor a notch by rimming your glasses with a bloody red corn syrup drizzle. (via The Seaside Baker)

16. Witch-Brewed Cider With Apple Heads: Something tells us you won’t be bobbing for these apples. Spice up store-bought apple cider by carving out creepy apple heads and adding a few cinnamon sticks to the warm brew. (via The Mighty Mrs.)

17. Witch’s Potion Drink: This refreshing drink makes a great large batch punch for a party. Garnish each cup with sour gummy worms to cast a puckering spell. (via Lil’ Luna)

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