Life is busy, but for moms, “busy” is an understatement. A mom’s life is all about being nurturing, making sure each member of the family is fed, clean and happy, and basically spending the majority of her day helping others. Let’s face it: Motherhood is ultimately the most selfless job in the world. So why not spread the love even further by incorporating random acts of kindness into your everyday life with your children?

Your kids are probably already learning how to be kind by just watching you, but why not seal the deal by taking action and spreading compassion around your community as a family? Adding little acts of kindness to your week can take minimal effort but have a huge impact on someone else. Today we teamed up with McDonald’s to give you 13 easy ways to share the love with the people around you.


1. Offer to watch your neighbors’ kids for them. Yes, we know. As moms, you’re already tied up with kids. But remember the golden rule: Treat others as you’d like to be treated. If your neighbor is a mom, you can probably relate to her feeling tired and busy. Host a play date with you and your neighbor’s kids to give your neighbor a little breather to run errands or to just chill. This might be a great opportunity to finally get to know the people in your neighborhood and to help another mom out! Moms support moms!


2. Share meals together. So this one might seem like a funny thing to put on a list about sharing the love, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Studies show that frequent family dinners help shape a child’s values, personal identity and self-esteem, and that the sense of security from eating as a family helps children grow up to be compassionate adults. Don’t feel like you need to prepare an elaborate meal every night though. Grab a McDonald’s Happy Meal® for dinner! For a limited time, McDonald’s Happy Meal® comes with fresh fruit Cuties® for your kids to snack on. If you’re lucky, maybe your kid will peel off a slice or two for you.


3. Bring a refreshing cold drink to a neighbor. A fresh cold drink is the perfect pick-me-up, especially if the weather’s hot. Surprise everyone in your neighborhood by handing out drinks with your kids. The gesture will be totally unexpected but definitely appreciated. Need a drink recipe? Give this fruit-infused water recipe a try!

4. Pick up trash around the neighborhood. Speaking of neighborhoods, why not do some beautification while you’re handing out drinks? Have you and your kids each pick up five pieces of trash while you’re out to make the place better than it was before you arrived.

5. Go to a park and blow bubbles for everyone. This may be the most delightful one on the list! Next time you take your kids to the park, bring some bubbles with you. When your kids feel like taking a break from playing, you can blow bubbles together for everyone around you to enjoy.


6. Donate old books, toys or clothes. Decluttering is not just a trend for adults. Help your kid pick out the toys he or she hasn’t played with in a while to give away.

7. Smile at everyone while running an errand. Did you know that smiles are contagious? Challenge yourself and your kids to smile at everyone you see during your next errand and watch people’s reactions as you walk by.

8. Open the door for people. This may be a super common practice in parts of the US and a not-so-common one in other parts, but I think everyone likes to have the door opened for them once in awhile. While you’re running errands and your kids are out and about, teach them to open doors for other people.


9. Put thank you cards into your mailbox for your mailman. Mailmen are definitely some of the biggest unsung heroes who deserve a little love. Help your kids make thank you cards to stick in your mailbox to show how much you all appreciate them. Learn how to make your own thank you cards with this easy tutorial.

10. Learn a joke and tell it to a barista or a cashier. If your kids are cute (and we know they are), practically any joke they tell is funny. Ask them to tell one of their favorite jokes to a cashier or a barista to give them a little chuckle.


11. Make treats for your kids’ teachers. Mailmen aren’t the only unsung heroes; your kids’ teachers are definitely some as well. Spend a Sunday afternoon making treats (like this chocolate pumpkin banana bread) for your kids to give to their teachers as a token of their appreciation.


12. Plant a flower by a sidewalk. Imagine how charming it is to see a single bright flower on the side of the road. Are you picturing it? Good. Now make it into a reality. Spread some cheer by randomly planting a flower by a typically floral-free sidewalk with your kids for everyone to enjoy.

13. Make signs and cheer at the local high school sports game. If you’ve ever played sports, you know how encouraging cheering can be, even if you don’t know who the cheers are coming from. Whether or not you and your kids actually know any high schoolers, cheering for a sports game is still a really fun weekend activity. Send positive vibes by waving homemade signs and shouting in support of your local high school. Not to mention, this is a great way for your kids to get their screams out before returning home :)

Go off and make the world a better place, one small act of kindness at a time!

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Author: Irene Lee
 Photography: Kurt Andre

This post is sponsored by McDonald’s.