Time to come out of the dark ages of boring fluorescent light fixtures! At Brit & Co, we firmly believe that just because a piece is functional doesn’t mean it has to be dull. How can you be creative if your workspace is humdrum? These desk lamps brighten up your desk and add a touch of flair where it’s needed.

1. Colorful Block Lamp ($39): Wishing you could just spend your work day playing with blocks? Well, this colorful and quirky desk lamp can be taken apart and put back together in a variety of designs… call it “brainstorming time”?

2. Dog Lamp ($151): It’s nearly impossible to look at this desk lamp without a smile on your face. Snag this adorable piece to get you through the dog days of summer!

3. Spider Desk Lamp ($108): This minimalist design of this desk lamp really cuts through the clutter with its timeless beauty.

4. Book Rest Lamp ($50): This bookish lamp is too perfect not to feature twice! Light your workspace and keep your place in whatever book you’re currently devouring.

5. Neon Table Lamp ($275): We. Love. Neon. This lamp will lighten and brighten up your desk with its modern-meets-retro design.

6. Hironao Tsuboi Lamp ($74): This design-y lamp takes a plain light bulb and turns it on its head. Its understated beauty adds a bit of elegance to your workspace. If you’ve already got a great lamp base, go for just the bulb ($35).

7. Freestyle LED Lamp ($125): Can’t make up your mind? With this lamp, you don’t have to. Three brightness settings, four heads, and an adjustable arm…we think it’s time to freestyle.

8. Tamawa Table Lamp ($450): While $450 is an amount we’re reluctant to drop on a desk lamp, this bright and sleek design gives us an itch for a little DIY action… How would you hack this one?

9. Barnwood Desk Lamp ($40): This rustic desk lamp doubles as a wall sconce: adding simple charm to your decor wherever you need it!

10. Wall Decal Lamp ($22): Don’t actually need light but like a little bit of neon whimsy? These wall decals provide a splash of color for your workspace, sans actual lamp!

11. Solar Powered Sun Jar ($20): If you’re lucky enough to work outside or at a desk by a gigantic window, check out this environmentally friendly and chic way to steal a little sunshine. (Also, we’re all jealous.)

12. Keyboard Desk Lamp Light ($10): Tech and decor meet in this funky piece! The design is simple and cute, with just the right amount of geeky quirk.

13. Nintendo Game Controller Lamp ($95): Really dying to channel your inner nerd? The lampshade on this desk lamp is made to look like a Nintendo controller! It's definitely a statement piece, but could be fun on the right desk!

14. Fire Lamp ($131): It’s summer and you’d rather be camping than stuck at a desk all day? Bring the outdoors inside with this campfire-inspired lamp!

Have you seen the light? Let us know which lamp you're dying to have on your desk in the comments below or tweet us your thoughts!