Your laundry space may not be your favorite room in the house, but you bet we can all agree that it is often overlooked and overworked. Since we spend so much time doing laundry each week, this area should be as beautiful as it is functional. These awesome storage ideas will inspire you to make laundry more fun, once you’ve beautified your small laundry space. This week, organize your laundry room to make it Pinterest-worthy AF!

Lint Bin DIY - Brit + Co

1. Lint Bin DIY: Add a little bit of a retro vibe to your laundry room with a bin that’ll help you quickly tuck away the lint fluff. It’s no wonder this is one of the most pinned laundry DIY posts on Pinterest: This lint bin DIY is super easy and affordable. (via Polished Habitat)

2. Washi Tape Mason Jars

2. Washi Tape Mason Jar DIY: Add some color and personality to your laundry detergent storage. Using mason jars for quick access and scoopability is a great replacement for those boring plastic containers. (via Michaels)

3. Industrial Shelving Laundry Room Storage - Brit + Co

3. Industrial Shelving: This Industrial laundry room shelving is so stylish, you’ll feel inspired to sip a latte and hang out while the dryer tumbles. Head to a thrift or home goods store to pick up a cute item like a waste bin or mini ironing board. (via Design, Dining and Diapers)

4. Crib Spring Drying Rack - Laundry Room Storage - Brit + Co

4. DIY Crib Spring Drying Rack: If you love hanging your delicates to dry, you know those foldable drying racks can take up a ton of space and fill up *fast*. This genius hack for hanging clothes is just what you need. Add a pop of color with bright and neutral tones. (via A Diamond In The Stuff)

5. Folding Paradise Laundry Room Closet - Brit + Co

5. Folding Paradise: This innovative designer renovated her laundry space to fit her needs. She even includes a space for folding laundry. #paradise! (via Emerson Grey Designs)

6. Laundry Room Renovation - Brit + Co

6. Laundry Room Reno: If you are embarking on a laundry room DIY, this is your MVP. This modern boho-inspired makeover allows for shelf space, folding or even a cute plant or two, and the natural wood tones give the industrial atmosphere a spa-like zen feeling. (via Vintage Revivals)

8. Laundry Room Storage Containers & Jars - Brit + Co

7. Storage Container Ideas: If you’re not into the mason jar trend, snag a few glass canisters and levels to store your detergent. While you’re at it, keep thread, sponges, safety pins and whatever else you might need on hand. (via Pottery Barn)

9. Ehow DIY Laundry Storage Cart - Brit + Co

8. DIY Rolling Laundry Cart: Here’s a crafty DIY that will have you saying, “Organize. Fold. Repeat.” Use this hack to keep your colors separated, or to set up spots for clothes and sheets into separate loads. (via eHow)

10. Laundry Detergent Dispenser Jar - Brit + Co

9. Detergent Beverage Dispenser: Say goodbye to lemonade (no hard feelings, Bey) and hello to liquid detergent. (via Pottery Barn)

11. Laundry Room Eyesore Turned Inspiration - Brit + Co

10. Laundry Room Eyesore: This before and after laundry room makeover is amazing. Once referred to as an eyesore, this newly renovated laundry room is how you nail adulting! (via Imperfect Homemaking)

12. Goodbye Wire Shelf - Brit + Co

11. Goodbye Ugly Wire Shelf: Consider updating your storage space and shelves with modern replacements. Jar dispensers and open cabinetry will help you say goodbye to those ugly wire shelves. (via Kirsten Erickson Blogspot)

13. Free Laundry Label Printables - Brit + Co

12. Free Laundry Labels: These laundry labels are stylish, efficient and FREE. Download them RN and print onto sticker paper for a quick label solution. (via Better Homes and Garden)

14. Laundry Room Reveal - Brit + Co

13. Laundry Room Reveal: Lost socks reunite in this functional and appealing laundry space. These unconventional storage hacks are so innovative. (via The Hatched Home)

17. DIY Laundry Drying Rack - Brit + Co

14. DIY Preppy Drying Rack: If you want to save money or air-dry your delicates, put your DIY skills to use. This cute drying rack will help you save space in tight spots, and can double as a place to steam a shirt. (via Centsational Girl)

18. Chandelier Chic - Brit + Co

15. Chandelier Chic: It’s the small details that make your laundry room so special. This laundry room redo updated its storage space for only $50, and now it’s totally glam. (via Cameras and Chaos)

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