Pandora and Amazon (who recently launched unlimited books to Prime members) are both music giants in our world, and now they’re showering us with even more of their glory. They’re both making some huge changes that we should all be super excited about, because we’re gonna be able to get even more music streaming straight into our ears pretty soon. Here’s the skinny on these two streaming services.


Pandora (finally) rebranded itself, and the redesign is all about clean lines and a streamlined logo. Additionally, the music-streaming radio site also launched the ad-free Pandora Plus today, a new paid service that boasts several new features. Due to popular demand, Plus gives you the option to replay songs, and it doesn’t even have to be the song that just played; it could be a song you heard a few songs back. If you’re on a road trip and hit a dead zone, Pandora Plus automatically queues up your top three stations for offline mode. And unlike their free version, Plus provides you with an unlimited number of skips. For those of who want to stick with the free, ad-supported version, watching a video ad will give you access to these premium features, though at only $4.99 a month, it’s kind of a difficult bargain to beat.


Amazon is also jumping into the music streaming game with Music Unlimited — and it’s not just for Prime members. It’s comparable to Spotify pricing at $9.99 a month for non-Prime users, and $7.99 for Prime members (or $79 a year). If you have an Amazon Echo, it’s even cheaper at $3.99 a month — but you’ll only have access on your Echo. A family plan is also coming soon: For $14.99 a month or $149 a year, you can get all the benefits of the solo plan for up to six people.

With a gorg interface, Music Unlimited is off to a strong start. Similar to Spotify, you can save songs into “My Music,” follow playlists, and play specific songs (as opposed to Pandora, which still follows a radio station model).

Get jammin’!

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(h/t TechCrunch + The Next Web, photos via Pandora + Amazon + Getty)