Hey friends! Irene here, Production Assistant at Brit + Co. Growing up in Northern California, I didn’t have any snow days, but there were days when it was so rainy the parking lot flooded and we all got to go home. Those were the BEST… for my brother and I at least. For my mom, I’m sure it threw her off a bit to reschedule her whole day because her kids were now at home instead of school. Moms, have you ever been in this position? Your kids are at home all day because of bad weather and you don’t want to just plop them in front of the TV. What to do?

Well today, we teamed up with McDonald’s to show you how to make the most out of a day that’s too cold (or rainy) to go out! Read on!

On a dreary day, color pop-up books, DIY projects and McDonald’s Happy Meals® are lifesavers. Moms, make life easy for yourself by picking up a Happy Meal® for your kid. For a limited time, each Happy Meal® comes with a delicious Cutie® so your kid can have something fresh and juicy to munch on.


Behold the essentials of a winning snow-in day: a cheery children’s book, a fun DIY activity and food for sustenance.


As a kid, I would be entertained by pop-up books for HOURS. Actually, as an adult, that hasn’t really changed all that much. Exercise your storytelling skills by writing and DIYing your own pop-up book, or check out a stack from your local library. Regardless, pop-up books are guaranteed entertainment on a cold, wintry day.


Once you’ve finished reading, its time for a fun craft! This is the easiest DIY placemat ever. Cut shapes from sticky-back foam and stick on a block. Add paint to the shapes and ta-da! You have a stamp! Stamp your own pattern on a plain placemat to jazz up any mealtime.


Bring on snow days!

What other indoor activities do you do when you’re snowed in? Share your photos on Instagram using #britstagram.

Author: Irene Lee
 Video Production + Styling: Alonna Morrison
Photography: Kurt Andre

This post is sponsored by McDonald’s.