While you may have seen our great foodie gifts for newlyweds or even made your own gourmet gifts, but today we’re back with something new. That’s right we’ve rounded up a bunch of new and fun gifts for your favorite foodie. Yes, that special someone who just can’t help but love that last bite on their plate. From gifts that help to create sometime delicious to others that just taste irresistible, you’re sure to find a perfect present for the holiday season.

1. Ceramic Kitchen Tool Set ($75): This amazing and beautiful to boot tower includes a garlic grater, a juicer, a utensil holder and a mortar. Messy chef on your hands? Not to worry! this compact little stack is dishwasher and microwave safe!

2. Love with Food Subscription ($15-20 monthly or a subsidized annual/6 month plan): Send your foodie friends a delicious tasting box full of healthy treats and snacks. You can send it only once, or for up to twelve months. 

3. Chillsner (2-pack $30): Perfect for that beer expert. The Chillsner keeps your beer cold while you drink it. Pop the chilled insert into the bottle and drink up! No more nasty warm beers.

4. The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert ($13): Make wine accessible for your friends, or maybe just make it fun to read about. Either way this makes a great gift!

5. Intelligentsia Pour Over Box ($65): This beautiful box includes everything they’ll need to start making pour-over brews. It even comes with delicious coffee too!

6. Glitter Tart Servers ($23): All that glitters is gold with these decadent tart servers. Pure eye candy, and enough to make any glitter loving foodie drool. If you’re feeling extra generous you can pick up the matching Cake knife ($25) or the glimmering teaspoon set ($38) as well.

7. Breakfast Time Clock ($30): This fun kitchen clock keeps time and makes you hungry. What more could you ask for!

8.Yolo Lick The Bowl Print ($21): This print pretty much speaks for itself, after all we’ve all been there (anything with Nutella comes to mind).

9. Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kits ($40): For that foodie that’s always wanted to make their own beer but just isn’t sure how to start. With even more options at the Brooklyn Brew shop and a whole series of cheap ingredient replacement packs, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Know a beer lover who’s not interested in making it themselves? Try the Beer of the Month Club!

10. Kitchen Tea Towels ($20): These colorful linen tea towels from Poketo are brightly adorned with all the kitchen utensils and appliances you could imagine. If bold colors aren’t their style, you could always give the pastel and chocolate brown sweets tea towels. (image via Kwerkee)

11. America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School ($20 monthly) – Want to give the gift of knowledge? Give your friends classes in an online cooking school full of videos!

12. Short Stack Editions ($12 each): These high design little books are a new kind of food publication. Each edition is dedicated entirely to recipes revolving around one ingredient.

13. The Honey Crate ($100): A luxe gift that gives your favorite foodies an assortment of goodies and an orange tree!

14. Faux Sushi ($18): An adorable gift for the little foodies (or the young at heart) in your life. These faux sushi are incredibly detailed and cute to boot!

15. Freshly Brewed Coffee Print ($20): Inspire more coffee dates! Give your friend this gorgeous reminder to drink more coffee.

16. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker ($50): For that friend that loves greek yogurt but can’t make it to the store often enough to stock up. This great little machine takes plain old milk and a little plain yogurt and turns it into a smooth and creamy treat!

17. Beer Lover Gift Set ($75): Who says beer isn’t festive? This crafty and creative gift set celebrates all things beer.

18. Joseph Joseph 4 Piece Baking Gift Set ($45): Give a friend a colorful baking starter set. The adjustable rolling pin and wedge timer are particularly exciting gifts.

19. Foodie Stationery ($25): This gorgeous stationery depicts some delicious recipes and some saucy phrases. There are even some savory food tips tucked in here.

20. Oh Kale Yeah T-shirt ($20): For that friend that loves leafy greens or just a fun phrase. This cute tee is a fun burst of color.

21. French Breads Print ($25): Bon Appetít! Give this delightful print along with a warm baguette and a little brie, talk about a great gift.

22. Lekue Microwave Omelette Cooker ($15): Three buttons and beep, a hearty omelette ready to eat! Throw eggs, mushrooms, cheese, or anything else you want into the Lekue and make breakfast easy.

23. USA Glass Chopping Board ($28): This bright and colorful cutting board colorfully shows off each states characteristic foods.

24. Midnight Snack Print ($24): This adorable print shows all the best things about making cookies. The little smudge of cookie dough on the ear takes the cake.

25. Eat Boutique Gift Box ($45-75): Eat Boutique is chock full of great gift boxes that are brimming with locally sourced and unique foods. Need a great general gift? Check out the new England Gift Box.

26. Tea Crafted for Cocktails ($48): How about a little darjeeling in your booze? Or maybe you’d prefer to give a friend an English Breakfast tea brew for their evening cocktails. Owl’s Brew offers a unique take on the cocktail.

27. Callie’s Charleston Biscuits ($56): Grab Callie’s famous biscuits and give them to a friend, they come ready to pop in the oven. Once that timer dings you’ll have plenty of warm crumbly biscuits to go around!

28. Cheese Glorious Cheese Board ($25): We can’t get enough of the design of this cheese board. An homage to cheese and beautiful type, enjoy the stilton!

29. Modernist Cuisine at Home ($5 chapters, $80 eBook): Whether you choose to gift a chapter or the whole book, this photo rich cookbook contains over 200 new recipes and step-by-step video. It’s a stellar gift for the gourmande foodie.

30. Salut! Travel Cup ($18): This little collapsible cup is perfect for the foodie on the go. So raise a glass and say Salut! (image via Cufflinks)

Well there you have it folks. There are plenty of fabulous gifts out their for the foodie in your life. Tell use what you plan to get your favorite food lover in the comments below!