The kitchen is our fave room in the house. Mostly because it’s where all the culinary magic happens, but also ’cause it’s where everyone wants to hang out and catch up during parties. For some reason, art in the kitchen seems to be designated to a haphazard mess displayed on the fridge. But it doesn’t have to be that way! We’re here to help spruce up those sad, empty kitchen walls with fun foodie illustrations. From colorful prints to typography designs, here are 20 bold graphics any foodie would be proud to have in their kitchen.

1. Roasted Vegetables Printable: Free and helpful, this pretty printable doubles as classy artwork that subtly reminds you how long to roast your carrots. (via Brit + Co)

2. Tzaziki Sauce ($20): Need a quick reminder on how to whip up a tzaziki sauce? Just check your kitchen gallery wall for a well-illustrated recipe.

3. Pasta My Love ($45): Typography and noodles are two of our favorite things, so this print is a home run in our book.

4. Half a Dozen ($20): If dessert is more your thing, show off your love of all things sugary and glazed with this print of pretty donuts.

5. Das Bier Poster ($45): Shown in appropriate glassware, this colorful graphic illustrates a guide to beer, their distinct flavors and a little history on each one.

6. Herb Print ($5): Can’t manage to keep an indoor herb garden alive? It’s okay, we won’t judge. But how about a graphic print instead?

7. Alphabet Foodie ($50): Put this in the kitchen or hang it in the nursery to get your baby hooked on quality ingredients at a young age.

8. Pugs and Pastries ($22): Pets and cookies. Yes and yes.

9. Crazy Fruit ($17): Bold and vibrant, this fruity print will bring loads of sweet, sweet color into your kitchen.

10. Free Printable Botanicals: Keep things casual and just tape these pretty prints to the wall, or go for a more formal gallery wall and frame a bunch of ’em. (via Poppytalk)

11. Mmmm Beer ($26): Because… bier. We love this illustration for above the bar or on a gallery wall.

12. Pasta Italio ($22): Bring in a taste of Italy with a rustic, handwritten print and a hefty bowl of visual carbs.

13. Apple Cake Recipe ($37): You’ll never have to dig through a cookbook again with this pretty illustrated recipe. The artist personally makes each recipe, so you know it tastes as good as it looks.

14. Make Your Own Art: Why not paint a whole wall with chalkboard paint and make your own art? Illustrate a recipe you love, practice your hand lettering with the grocery list or let the kids go wild while you cook dinner. (via SF Girl by Bay)

15. Pho Sure ($37): Just seeing this poster makes us hungry for a good bowl of noodles and a hefty helping of Sriracha sauce.

16. Leafy Purples ($45): Why not go big with an enormous graphic of a our fave leafy purple vegetable?

17. Fruit Bowl ($85): The best kind of fruit salad is a colorful one, and this bright print makes us smile.

18. Free Butcher Printable: Not all food illustration needs to be vegetarian. Show some love to your favorite dishes with this rustic butcher diagram. (via Fynes Designs)

19. Cheese Love ($25): From brie to Jack, this handwritten beauty will have any cheese lover drooling. It’s available in multiple colors, so you can get the print that matches your kitchen decor.

20. Bon Appetit ($34): Because the best people are the people who love to eat and love to cook.

What kind of art do you like seeing in your kitchen? Talk to us in the comments below!