Real talk: We love to squeeze in weekly workouts, but with busy work and personal schedules, it can be tough to make a trip to the gym actually happen. So when we heard about Equinox’s quick new class, we were intrigued, to say the least. After trying the sweat sesh firsthand and catching up with class founder Nicole Petitto, we think this program is the perfect fitness solution for the gal on-the-go. Scroll down to learn why.

Equinox The Muse 2

The class, named “The Muse,” is designed to be a quick and effective workout that keeps your body in continuous motion for 30 minutes. Through the use of hand-held spheres, it provides aerobic exercise that uses both the upper and lower body to help build muscle in an upbeat environment. “The Muse experience doesn’t only challenge your physical endurance, but challenges you mentally, moving you through choreography in just enough repetitions to keep you mentally engaged before learning the next new movement pattern,” says Petitto.

The program is a unique barre-and-dance hybrid, designed specifically to reap the benefits of both types of workouts. “The program idea was born based on the desire to offer a ‘true’ cardio workout in the barre space that would seamlessly bridge the gap between barre and dance conditioning,” Petitto explains. After maneuvering around the room for half an hour, our heart rates were up (but not in a just-ran-a-few-miles kinda way). We felt stronger and confident and had some fun in the process. “The circular movement patterns integrated throughout the choreography and the overall flow feel so incredible in the body and bring joy into the movement,” Petitto says. After 30 minutes, we felt more energized and ready to tackle the day — without dealing with guilt for being away from our desks for too long.

Equinox The Muse Class

While adding The Muse to our new 2018 workout #goals is a must, we had to ask the trainer what her secret to workout success was (outside of taking this class, obvi). “Keep things interesting by trying something new every 4-6 months,” she tells us. “So often we gravitate to one or two of our favorite workouts and/or instructors… experiencing a class taught by a different coach rather than your go-to instructor is always a great way to connect to the class and movements in an entirely different way.” Consider The Muse our way of taking her expert advice.

To try the class for yourself, head on over to Equinox to get your free trial.

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