Sure you can sing along to Miley’s can’t stop-won’t stop party anthem in your favorite going out gear (la-da-dee-da-dee), but let’s be real. That party dress has seen a party or two… hundred and might need a refresh. You need something you can slip on, throw your hands up in with a purse over one shoulder, phone in your grasp, sporting a hemline that short and, yes, it needs to look good even after someone spilled their drink on you. When your basic LBD just won’t cut it, 38th & WICK’s will.

We’ve been head over heels for the party-proof dress ever since the concept debuted on Kickstarter — a truly next-level LBD, one made of high-performance, moisture-wicking fabric that works as hard as you are on the dance floor. And now the dress, along with its cropped tank and body-con skirt P.I.C.s are available to shop online. If you haven’t already guessed, they’re about to be your new go-to going out gear.

Besides earning bonus points for being breathable and virtually stain-proof, 38th & WICK’s designs come equipped with night-out amenities you’ll soon consider essentials, including built-in pockets roomy enough to fit your smartphone and keys. The brand’s skirt will even protect against wardrobe malfunctions like VPL (built-in shorts smooth out your lower half), and its top is made with cups so you won’t have to fuss with peeking straps.

Ranging in price from $55-$95, the trio of thoughtful, trendy styles is ready to ship as soon as tonight, just in time for your #ThirstyThursday gathering. And because the garments are all machine washable, you won’t have to worry about getting it back from a dry cleaner in time for your big date on Saturday night. Miley’s words do ring true: “It’s our party (dress) we can do what we want.”

Are you ready to party on in this bangin’ LBD? Which style can you see yourself shakin’ in? What other going out styles would you like to see 38th & WICK revamp? Tell us in the comments below.