It’s already Thursday people! It’s simultaneously the best and most stressful part of a four-day work week. And you know what the calls for? A cocktail, of course. But not just any cocktail — a colorful and refreshing summer cocktail served in this must-have tumbler.

Designed by Brit + Co in collaboration with New Orleans design studio Lionheart Prints, this exclusive tumbler ($18 in the shop!) states the obvious in a whimsical and modern way. And yes, we are most definitely #thirsty.

But what to fill your tumbler with? We’ve got a cocktail (or five!) for that

1. Orange Ginger Rum Punch: We’ll kick things off with something citrusy, gingery, cinnamony and spiked! This drink totally counts for your daily dose of Vitamin C. It also makes a great fruity brunch cocktail if you’re looking for a break from bellinis and mimosas.

2. Auntie’s Old Fashioned With a Twist: An old fashioned meets a whiskey ginger (beer) at a bar, they fall in love and they make Auntie’s Old Fashioned. Made with White Whale Mixers’ Auntie’s Old Fashioned, this libation inherited some kick from the old fashioned and the sweetness of the whiskey ginger.

3. Sparkling Orange Pom Fizz: Pomegranate juice, orange liqueur, and the crowd-pleasing Prosecco come together in this refreshing libation, and to add a little sparkle we rimmed the glasses with sparkling sanding sugar, easily found in the baking aisle of your favorite store.

4. The Skinny Dipper Mimosa: Mango, lemon and lime in a mimosa? Yes please. The key here is Skinny Dipper Cocktail Mix and a hot late summer afternoon ;)

5. Wild Turkey Cocktails: Bookmark this festive cocktail for this year’s holiday season as an apertif or after-dinner cocktail for one of your many celebrations. And feel free to make puns about letting the (wild) turkeys out ;)

Happy #ThirstyThursday! Remember, you can only get the #Thirsty Tumbler in the B+C Shop, so what are you waiting for?