Last weekend, San Francisco hosted a city full of runners for the San Francisco Marathon. So it’s no surprise that we have running on the brain this week. (Must start couch to 5K, immediately!) You know we love anything that comes out of a 3D printer (including snacks), so we’re excited about this concept from Pensar Development that would enable you to create the ultimate, custom athletic shoe with a 3D printer.

So how would it work? Basically you’d start out with a high-tech training shoe, which would follow traditional shoe sizing. After going for a run in the training shoe, which comes equipped with sensors and accelerometers, you’d return to the store, and all the data collected by the training shoe would be input into a program and analyzed.

After the data collected from the training shoe are analyzed, and your design choices—like color and pattern—are input, a 3D printer in the store would start printing your perfect shoe. We love the idea that this cuts down on waste—no need to produce shoes that won’t sell in the end—and that you’ll walk out of the store with a shoe that’s guaranteed to fit your foot and your running style.

You can learn more about the concept and how it would work on Pensar’s Behance page.

Are you a runner? Would you use a technology that printed a shoe designed specifically for your foot? Tell us what you think in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter?